Sep 15, 2018 I Brett Tingley

“Vampire” Arrested After Getting Drunk and Sucking Animals’ Blood

Law enforcement officers in a small Cambodian village were forced to step and and arrest a young local man after he began attacking animals and drinking their blood, scaring the pants right off of villagers who believed the man to be possessed by some sort of vampiric ghost. While most cases of reported vampirism begin with a bite from a bat or another vampire, the “vampire” in this case was transformed by a far more banal event: getting good and drunk. Is this merely a case of a family refusing to accept that the real demon is perhaps undiagnosed alcoholism?

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"I can stop any time I want to!"

Who knows. One thing is for sure: Run Reach won’t be reaching for another bottle of wine anytime soon. Reach, 24, lives in the Kampong Reap commune of Kampong Cham province, a rural area of northern Cambodia. According to reports, Reach got drunk on a bottle of wine last Saturday after his parents left him alone. According to Koh Sotin district deputy police chief Major Chun Bopha, that’s when things got weird:

After he became drunk, he seemed to have supernatural strength and caught his three dogs and killed them by sucking their blood. He kept sucking their blood while they were still alive. After killing his dogs, he caught a pregnant hen and a female cat in the house and also sucked their blood and killed them.

After mutilating the animals and consuming their precious bodily fluids while still warm, Reach then did what any drunk does after a round of the drunchies: he lied down for a nice, long nice nap to sleep it off. When his parents arrived to find him covered in blood and presumably snoring loudly from the bathtub, Major Bopha adds, he looked "very cruel and like a ghost” and “his parents and the villagers dared not go close to him or enter the house to catch him.”

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That had to be a fun one to wake up to.

Another district police official reports that Reach returned to his normal non-bloodsucking self after being doused in holy water by local monks, leading them to suspect that his odd choice of drunk binge food was caused by being possessed by a ghost which “made him cruel and drove him to drink the animals’ blood while they were alive.” Reach is reportedly staying at a temple for further cleansing rituals until his drunchies are fully exorcised.

Maybe I’m a bit cynical after writing about so many similar stories of “possession,” but it seems like far too many people try to pass off odd behavior with the ol’ “a ghost did it” excuse. Might this actually be a case of demonic spirits thirsting for hot, frothy blood straight from the source, or just a drunk young man doing what drunk young men do best and acting like an idiot in public?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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