Oct 20, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Australian Woman Claims Giant Axe Belonged to a Yowie

The Yowie is Australia’s version of Sasquatch, with the same hairy, ape-like appearance but often said to tower over 9-foot Bigfoot by at least 3 feet. There’s no place in that country with more Yowie sightings than Queensland and there’s no one who knows more about them than Australian cryptozoologist Rex Gilroy. So, what better place to bring a giant rock you believe was once owned by a giant Yowie than directly to the man himself? A Queensland farmer did just that and got a confirmation that she may have a tool belonging to a Yowie.

At last week’s Cardwell UFO Festival (“Australia’s Only UFO Festival”), farmer Stephanie Berger brought what is described in the Daily Mail (which got the story from the Cairns Post) as an “axe handle” but what looks like a large head of a stone axe or a hand axe to show anyone who could help her identify it (picture of the rock here). Berger said she found the stone while “cultivating the paddocks” on her farm. In the U.S., a paddock usually means a corral for holding horses, but it can also be a field for farming. Berger claimed she found many axe handles but one stuck out – at least after she dug it out.

“We found this one particular axe handle that was a different type of rock to the others and buried quite deep, and it was huge.”

Australia's original "Yowie man", Rex Gilroy, was the keynote speaker at a Cardwell UFO Festival event known as the “C-Files” where he spoke about “yowie reports, UFOs and the lost Australian civilization of Uru.” The last one is the subject of one of the many books 75-year-old Gilroy has written since seeing a UFO in 1959 and becoming interested in ufology, cryptozoology and other paranormal subjects. According to the Daily Mail, Gilroy told Berger that “only a seven-and-a-half foot tall giant would have been able to fully lift the axe.” Since it was found in Cardwell, an area with numerous alleged Yowie sightings and evidence of its existence, and since Berger doesn’t know of any other giants, the connected dots draw a picture of a Yowie using the big rock as an axe.

“There have been heaps of sightings documented up here. Cardwell is the dead centre of a hotspot for unexplained activity all around the area.”

That’s confirmed by the group Australian Yowie Research and some Sasquatch researchers believe Bigfoot is a tool user, so its Aussie cousin may have picked up some tips at the last family reunion. Still, 7-and-a-half-feet is just an average size for a Yowie – not a “giant.” There was nothing else reported to have been found in Berger’s paddock dig that was Yowie-ish. Of course, Berger wants to believe, especially with an endorsement from the "Yowie man" himself.

“I really do now think it being a yowie would explain it.”

Keep digging, Stephanie. Keep digging.

Paul Seaburn

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