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Ghosts Caught Hugging in Haunted Abbey

Are ghosts getting tired of the novelty of sex with the living and switching to romancing their own? Are they frustrated with the feel of skin to ectoplasm and yearning for something more ghost to ghost? That may be the case at a haunted abbey in England where a paranormal investigator claims to have captured two spirits in a ghostly embrace. Is it getting warm in here?

Much of the ghostly romantic news lately has been about women having sex with male ghosts, including one who claims she’s bedded over 20 ethereal men and is now trying to have a ghost-human hybrid baby. Where do these women find these fantastic phantoms? Is there a Tinder for spirits called Specter? (Note to self: before starting ghost dating service, check to see if they have credit cards.)

Revesby Abbey

Ron Bowers can’t answer these questions, but he has some of his own after photographing what appears to be two ghosts hugging in front of at Revesby Abbey in Lincolnshire, England. In a detailed interview in StoryTrender, (which shows both the photograph and its negative image) Bowers explains he was visiting the abbey recently with members of the Cambridge Ghost Hunters when he felt … something.

“When I first arrived and walked into the rear of Revesby Abbey I sensed the presence of two ladies. Soon after also a dog.”

Then he heard … something else.

“Before taking the photograph there was a noise that I thought was behind me, which was a bit off-putting.”

That’s when he aimed his camera in the direction of the noise and took a picture of a building hoping he might capture something in a window. Instead, he saw what at first he thought was just mist. Bowers explains that he uses black-and-white “because it’s night time so anything that’s possible visible is more visible in its white form” and he used a flash “to bring the building out, some things can be dismissed as moisture or raindrops, but for this I have ruled out the moisture theory.” After looking at what he photographed, his ghost sense was tingling … and so was his romantic side.

“At first, I thought it was one figure, but within a few seconds I realised it could be two – one with an arm around the other. The arm is very prominent, and it looks like two people embracing, it looks like they are in love. It’s nice to believe that love continues. It’s a lovely picture and who knows maybe there is a love story there. For me it’s a little more of a confirmation that our lives continue or that our energies can return to our favourite places. I don’t believe I have ever had something so intimate as that picture.”

Awww. None of the other Cambridge Ghost Hunters saw the apparition, but Bowers said they had their own encounters with “electronic balls” and “the presence of horses.” That’s not surprising since Revesby Abbey is a popular ghost hunting spot with many organized tours and reported paranormal activities. The abbey was built in 1143 by the Order of Cictercians and, while the original buildings are long gone, the first monk and many who followed are still buried on the grounds. While it was once a successful operation, it succumbed to mismanagement and was dissolved. Since then, the property has changed hands numerous times and the building in the photo was built in 1845.

Revesby Abbey Stable Block

With the seemingly romantic embrace the ghosts are in, it’s unlikely that they’re the spirits of two monks. (Let’s leave current scandals out of the discussion, please.) Remote royal family members owned the abbey for a time before it entered the hands of the Banks family, whose most famous member was botanist and ‘Father of Australia’ Sir Joseph Banks who sailed with Capt. Cook on the first voyage to Australia and who Cook named Botany Bay in honor of. Banks is also responsible for the idea of using Australia as a remote prison. Might the ghosts be of a couple torn apart by this heinous idea?

The current house and property are no longer in the Banks family and hasn’t been inhabited since at least 1968. The house was saved from demolition and has been renovated, saving bricks in the subbasement dating back to the 1700s.

Neither Bowers nor the Cambridge Ghost Hunters, who agree that he has “very spirited senses” and that the photo “could show that true love does last forever or it could be a replay of someone who was very scared and being hugged for comfort,” seem to have any ideas who the alleged ghosts might be. That mystery will certainly help sales of future Revesby Abbey ghost hunts, not to mention activity on the Specter (patent-pending) ghost dating site.


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