Oct 11, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Hikers Witness a ‘Miracle’ on Arizona’s Dreamy Draw Mountain

Three college students in Phoenix have reported having a supernatural experience during a recent hike on Arizona’s Dreamy Draw Mountain. According to the students, a strangely familiar robed, long-haired figure appeared on top of the mountain, only to vanish as the girls appeared. Even stranger, the apparition left them the best gift three college students could hope to receive: an envelope full of cash.

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Just think of all the pumpkin spice lattes that could buy!

It all began as Allisa Miller, Jen Vickman, and Kassi Sanchez were having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in the way that only privileged college students can have. “It was one of those days where as soon as you wake up, nothing really goes as planned,” Miller told AZFamily.com. “We slept through our alarms so we were really late to get here,” said Vickman. “It was already hot, like we didn't want to hike,” said Sanchez. “Like something we had to do almost, forced fun,” laughed Miller. Poor girls. First world problems sure are the worst.

The girls overcame the unbearable adversity of waking up late and being hot and made it to the mountain where they began their hike. That’s when things got mysterious. The girls saw a curiously Jesus-like figure standing atop the mountain, but when they reached the spot where he stood, he had vanished.

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Probably had a pancake to appear on somewhere.

“We just see a silhouette of this man, it looks like he has long hair and he's in a robe,” said Miller. “He was like right there on the top of the mountain. We were all just kinda shocked, we just kinda sat there.” While just kinda sitting there, the girls spied an envelope stashed between a few rocks. Opening the envelope, the girls discovered a note with a curious, somewhat rambling inscription quoting the Bible and contemporary Christian rock music and signed only with the letter J. Even better, the envelope contained three $100 bills - one for each hiker.

Of course, the girls believe the experience was a miracle and have found religious meaning in it. As such, they say they won’t spend the money but will save it for the right opportunity to help someone in need.

Experiencing miracles is great and all, but something about this one just feels a bit too coincidental: three girls, three $100 bills, a robed, long-haired man and a noted signed “J.” Was this a miracle on Dreamy Draw Mountain, or merely a good Samaritan hoping to lure a few young people into organized religion? Why go through the effort of wearing a robe up to the top of a mountain? Then again, if the girls plan to merely pay the cash forward, why report it to the news? 

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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