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Man Claiming to be Dracula’s Son Drinks Blood to Prove It

Drinks human blood? Check. Sleeps in a coffin? Check. Lives in Romania? Check. In Dracula’s castle? Check. (Well, one of them.) Was chosen by Vlad the Impaler himself to carry on his legacy? Check. (So he says.) Based on that checklist, a Romanian man claims he’s a vampire and the successor of Vlad the Impaler himself.

"Four years ago he came to me in my dreams. He was in a dark chamber and called me 'My son'. After that night I brought a sacrifice to the place where he was killed, and he told me: 'Your life will change forever'. And it did."

bran castle 2260892 1920 570x320
Bran (Dracula's) Castle

You may not believe Andreas Bathory does all of those things, but plenty of others do. He was just elected head of Ordo Dracul Coven, a group that claims to have existed since Dracula was murdered in 1477. Its website explains that the original Ordo Dracul met in an occult house where Vlad brought “people with special powers” and designated “black monks” who “knew the secret of immortality.” Today’s Ordo Dracul is “an Order of occultists, priests, and monks, witches, and yes, vampires, who all have answered a calling, to advance our essence beyond that of the normal human being.”

Vampires! That’s where Andreas Bathory the blood drinker apparently comes in. He must be the president because he shows the members how to do the Lestat thing by biting necks and drinking the blood of human victims, right?

"We get it from volunteer donors. You'd be surprised how many people give their blood for free when they hear you're a vampire."

Donors? That means voluntary blood-letting of the cookies-and-juice-afterwards kind. In an interview in The Sun, he calls these people “black swans” (sounds better than ‘donors’) and admits “There are health risks, but no different from crossing the street. We take measures to make sure the transaction is safe.” This ‘son’ is obviously a long way from dad Vlad, who was described in writings as a "demented psychopath, a sadist, a gruesome murderer, a masochist."

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Not quite the same as neck-biting

On the other hand, when not begging for blood, Andreas Bathory’s Facebook page says he’s a fashion designer, an educational psychologist and a former art director at a music school. That sounds like a good cover for a vampire, as do his other jobs as Event Organizer at Castle Dracula and owner of Dracula's Castle Mystic Camp. The Bran Castle (aka Dracula's castle) website doesn’t say anything about him nor does it confirm, as the Sun article states, that he lives in the castle or even just sleeps there in his coffin. His dad didn’t – it appears he never lived there and may not have even visited the place.

Bathory says he stays away from more sexually-oriented vampires and the online vampire communities, sticking to striving to be “the higher self of the vampire.” He and others in the Ordo Dracul Coven don’t appreciate non-believing curiosity-seekers or those poking fun (uh-oh). Bathory is making his Facebook page invitation-only, as is the Ordo Dracul Coven. For those interested in joining, its membership page warns:

“The Ordo Dracul is not a social club. We are not a dating society. Membership in the Ordo Dracul Coven is not a path for everyone and in fact many will be denied. We reserve the right to select our own members and give some priority to those who present with recommendations from other Ordo Dracul Elder members.”

However, it’s worth it.

“Membership does have its benefits. Access to private conferences and forums. Discounts to Balls and events. Discounts for education materials, books, and Ordo Dracul products for sale.”

venice vampire mask carnevale costume carnival venetian festival 1275564 570x446
Did he say discounts?

If you’re interested in attending a meeting but don’t live near Bran, Romania, they also have a US location in Boston, Massachusetts.

I wonder where Bathory gets his blood in Boston.

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