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Oregon Marijuana Shop May Be Haunted By Stoned Ghost

Ghost, UFO and alien spotters are often accused of being under the influence of mind-altering substances – legal or otherwise – when they have their encounters. The thing that they see never is, but that may change with the multiple sightings of what appear to be ghosts in a legal marijuana shop in Oregon … sightings that have been captured on surveillance video. Willie and Snoop are still alive … is it Marley? Garcia? Hendrix?

“As it happened, I kind of felt like someone was standing next to me like somebody was right here.”

“It” was a tip jar moving by itself across the bud bar managed by budtender Andy Gomez at the Five Zero Trees marijuana shop in Oregon City, Oregon. Before you ask for a urine sample, Andy’s testimony was backed up by a surveillance video which recorded the glass container inching across the counter until it fell off of the end.

“Those are state certified videos.”

Store manager Samantha Davidson became a believer when she watched a second video showing pens moving in a cup. This could obviously be good for business, so Davidson pointed out to KGW TV that the shop was once a pharmacy and the owner was known to be a meticulous organizer, so perhaps he’s back and attempting to keep things neat and tidy in a place where a more likely attitude might be, “Dude, I lost that jar of buds. Try these cookies instead.”

“Oregon City is a very haunted place.”

Another person who could benefit from a neighborhood stoned spirit is Rocky Smith, owner of Haunted Oregon City just down the street. According to, Oregon City has the McLoughlin House (haunted by city founder Dr. John McLoughlin whose footsteps are heard and tobacco smoke smelled), but other haunted places like Dean’s Homestyle Cafe, the Damascus Pioneer Cemetery and the Tigard Evangelical Cemetery are a few miles from the city.

Wait a minute, you skeptically think. Objects moving on a counter? In Oregon? Isn’t Oregon on the Pacific Ring of Fire? And the home of Mount Hood, a potentially active volcano? Yes and yes. The tip jar incident took place on August 28. A look at shows quakes of 1.8 to 2.6 magnitudes being felt in the Oregon City area in the days surrounding August 28, although not on that particular date. Unfortunately, there’s no Earthquake Places Oregon offering guided tours that takes people to known quake sites. Perhaps there should be.

In the meantime, Samantha Davidson is sticking with the ghost of the pharmacist. Rocky Smith thinks it’s because downtown Oregon City is “rebuilding over the top of old buildings.” And customers at the Five Zero Trees marijuana shop are asking, “Dude, what blend is best for seeing what you saw?”


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