Oct 16, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Satanic Ritual Suspected in a Gruesome Double Murder in Russia

Do the mysterious murders in Russia ever stop? Things sure seem to be getting weird as far as the new Cold War is concerned, and the aluminum milliner in me can’t help but feel like all of the unexplained killings, nerve agent poisonings, and apparent suicides, are all related to larger and stranger developments in Russia's relationship with the West. One of the latest unexplained and mysterious killings in Russia yet again has a connection with one of Russia’s largest banks - but this time allegations of Satanic rituals are being thrown around. Is this a distraction, or might something sinister and strange be afoot?

Ksenia Soltanova, 29, and Natalia Kuznetsova, 28, were found dead after going out for late night pizza together near Yekaterinburg, Russia. The women were last seen walking and laughing together on August 25th, heading to a local park to enjoy their pizza together and watch the sunrise. That’s when things turned grisly - and bizarre.

Both women were shot to death at close range, after which their bodies were dragged into a nearby forest where they were discovered days later. CCTV footage from a nearby camera caught the shooting and reportedly shows a man wearing a headlamp which just perfectly obscured his face in the camera. Unsolved murders are one thing, but comments made by a local law enforcement official seem to suggest there might be more to this case than a mere act of random violence. In a press release, local law enforcement official Valentin Degteryov claims that spot where the women were killed has been a hotspot for Satanic ceremonies since the Soviet era and is the rumored site of an ancient Pagan temple.

According to Degteryov, the women may have been lured to the spot by a Satanist group or accidentally came across a ritual in progress. Degteryov claims other nearby CCTV cameras filmed “strange figures dressed in white coats” carrying torches and holding a mysterious ceremony amid pouring rain at the time of the murders.

The story is made even stranger by the fact that one of the women worked for Sberbank, the largest state-owned in Russia, and was reportedly under investigation by Moscow banking officials. With so many unexplained killings of Russian bankers, politicians, and military officials, there’s no telling what this murder may mean. It could be a random act of violence, or it could indeed be part of some Satanic ritual. Then again, the Satanic ritual story may be gaslighting to distract from the fact that someone with insider knowledge of geopolitical financial shenanigans was gunned down before she could spill the bank’s beans.

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What did you say about beans?

As far as English-language coverage of this story goes, only a few tabloids have reported on it, so take it for what you will. Like most stories in today’s schizophrenic news cycle, this one will likely be buried in a few days by the constant stream of apocalyptic developments.

Brett Tingley
Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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