Oct 03, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Something is Killing the Great Cows of Argentina

Something is mysteriously killing the great cows of Argentina and their owners, not to mention the great chefs of Europe and the rest of the world, are getting worried … especially since the cattle appear to be being mutilated with a precision and instrumentation that may be out of this world. Aliens? Chupacabra? Something even worse? Is it worthy of a novel or a movie … or both?

The latest cattle mutilation report came less than two weeks ago from the Argentine media conglomerate Cadena 3. Raúl Báez, a cattle rancher in Villa Ojo de Agua, a village in the Santiago del Estero Province in north central Argentina, told reporters that he went out to find "ten cattle animals of his property were dead and four of them had mutilations." The death of the cows was strange.

"He told us that it seemed strange to him that he did not observe blood and that it seems that the animals would not have defended themselves.”

The mutilations were even more mysterious, especially to a veterinarian who examined them.

"The cuts attracted his attention because that makes it a kind of laser scalpel because it has scars."

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We demand some answers!

A laser scalpel? What kind of Chupacabra has a laser scalpel, fingers to hold it and the patience to carefully remove eyes, tongues, lips, internal organs and other parts of the cow while making sure no blood was spilled? Yet “Chupacabra!” was the first cry of locals, just as it often is. However, another similar attack and mutilation in August has cattle ranchers fearing something worse … extraterrestrials. The bovines in that case had similar precision cuts and witnesses reported seeing “strange lights” before and after the attacks were believed to have occurred.

However, the residents of Villa Ojo de Agua reported no such lights in the September mutilations. Could they have been caused by something else? Yes, say animal experts … Hocicudo.

Hocicudo? Is this some kind of new cryptid? Not hardly, but people across South America might wish they were as rare as the Chupacabra. The Hocicudo is a long-nosed mouse of the genus Oxymycterus. Its 17 species include the rare Argentine hocicudo (Oxymycterus akodontius) and the more common Paramo hocicudo (Oxymycterus paramensis). Both found in Argentina. Animal expert Juan Calla Fontana says it’s common for animals to die at this time of the year in Argentina (early spring) due to exposure and lack of food. Once they hit the ground, Hocicudo move in and dine on their soft parts.

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Paramo hocicudo

While that explanation sounds reasonable, it doesn’t explain the precision of the cuts that were reported in these and other mutilation cases. The cattle industry is huge in Argentina, both in exports and in feeding its beef-loving population. Could this be a party-line explanation to avoid panic among ranchers and citizens?

If you want to know who was killing the great chefs of Europe, check out the movie of the same name or the book it was adapted from. If you want to know what is killing the great cows of Argentina … keep asking questions.

Paul Seaburn

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