Oct 19, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

The Passing of UFO Investigator Robert Dean and Wistleblower Karl Wolfe

This past week, the field of ufology lost two of its well-known members – UFO investigator Robert Dean and whistleblower Karl Wolfe.

Robert Dean is best known for revealing that, while a member of the U.S. military stationed at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in the 1960s, he was able to read a document entitled "UFO Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Threat" because his security clearance allowed him access to documents labeled “Cosmic Top Secret.” While Dean could not obtain a copy, he remembered the contents of the papers and revealed them to the public after retiring from a 28-year career in the Army. Those contents, according to Dean, included detailed information on UFO sightings, ET encounters and alien autopsies. Dean claimed the research was approved by NATO and exposed (at least internally) that Earth was inhabited by four alien species that looked like humans and were secretly interacting with us.

Dean spoke often both within the ufology community and to the general public about what he saw in “The Assessment” and, while he was unable to offer proof, lived long enough to see the US government finally admit it has investigated UFOs and release videos of encounters. Robert Dean was 89.

Karl Wolfe was another former military officer (Air Force sergeant) who also claimed to have a special security clearance in the 1960s while working in the Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. In 2001 at the now-famous Disclosure Project event held at the National Press Club in Washington DC and organized by ufologist Steven Greer, Wolfe revealed that, while working as a technician processing photographic surveillance from the war in Vietnam, he was sent to a building filled, to his surprise and suspicion, with non-English-speaking civilians and interpreters. In a darkroom used for processing photos from the first lunar orbiter mission in 1966, another technician allegedly showed him pictures of structures on the far side of the moon. He descried it in his testimony:

“He pulled out one of these mosaics, and showed this base which had geometric shapes - there were towers, there were spherical buildings, there were very tall towers and things that looked somewhat like radar dishes, but they were very large structures.”

While he had no evidence, Wolfe spoke about his experience at subsequent ufology events. He died this week in a tragic traffic accident that is still under investigation. Karl Wolfe was 74.

As expected, some are trying to link the accident to Wolfe’s revelations about an alleged secret moon base and others to the coincidental passing of two UFO whistleblowers with a week of each other. The circumstances of each man’s passing seem to suggest otherwise, but actual information about such a connection is as likely to be disclosed as is evidence of what both men claimed they saw and told to anyone who would listen.

Paul Seaburn

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