Oct 13, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Unexplained Cattle Mutilations Reported Near Grand Canyon

I thought they’d been shot. I didn’t realize what had happened. There were parts missing — they were mutilated.

Arizona rancher John Mahan discovered a cow and a bull mysteriously killed and mutilated on his property near the Grand Canyon. Both animals had organs removed including their reproductive organs, and both were drained of blood. Curiously, as in similar cases of unexplained cattle mutilations, there were no tracks and very little blood found around the animals’ carcasses. Who could have done this to these cows?

I just assumed they had been shot. I didn’t realize what had happened to them until the inspector showed me. They didn’t take any edible meat, just the genitals.

Why is it always the genitals? In most of these cases, the sex organs of the animals are surgically removed, sometimes including the entire anal or vaginal cavity. Who - or what - would go to such lengths while leaving the other choice cuts of meat?

cattle mute 570x331
Maybe things that don't meat.

Arizona Livestock Inspector Royal Reidhead examined the dead animals, and says he knew right away that something was amiss when he saw the carcasses. “These animals weren’t shot, these animals were mutilated,” Reidhead told Williams-Grand Canyon News, “They were basically killed for their body parts.” Even stranger, the animals’ carcasses weren’t touched by scavenger animals as they lay undiscovered for a week after their brutal mutilation.

Reidhead has seen several similar cattle mutilations in the Grand Canyon area of Arizona, and says that the wounds inflicted on the animals are always surgically precise and leave behind little blood. While Reidhead believes that poachers are mutilating these animals, I just have to wonder why someone would go to the lengths of surgically removing only a few organs and leaving the rest to rot in the sun. Again - why the genitals? Do people eat those?

cattle mutilation2 640x457
Livestock mutilations remain one of the weirdest unexplained phenomena.

Even stranger, how could someone go about draining these animals’ blood and removing their organs without leaving as much as a single footprint or drop of blood? As much as I try to remain skeptical about alien abductions and similar alleged phenomena, these cattle mutilations always leave me wondering what on Earth or off Earth is capable of such clean, precise surgeries with no discernible evidence. But why would aliens be so interested in cow genitals?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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