Nov 22, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Major Announcement on the Peruvian Three-Fingered, Possibly Alien Mummies

King Kong finally got his own Broadway musical. Is it time for the Peruvian three-fingered, possibly alien, maybe pregnant mummies to get theirs? Better yet, is time for them to finally be accepted by the scientific community for what they really are … whatever that might be? On November 19, the people who have been studying them since their discovery, The Alien Project, gave a nearly five-hour televised presentation on their latest findings and analyses at the Congress Hall of the Republic of Peru in Lima with at least one Peruvian MP present. The results are in, the lights are dimming, the curtain is rising, the band is reaching a crescendo …

“The black-legged mummies of Nazca are authentic. The demonstration by the results of the DNA analyzes, the scanners, the x-rays, the tomography. According to DNA analysis, scans and X-rays, the experts are confronted with the facts, the incredible "Little Grays" and Maria belong to two new species totally unknown until today. It is clear that we are facing an unexpected discovery and of interest to all humanity! Back in detail about Josefina "the centerpiece", Victoria, Alberto, and Maria's anatomy.”

The five-hour video (you can see it here) was immediately published in the magazine Ikaris and all of the data and pictures are on display on The Alien Project website. Fortunately, the results were summarized by a number of websites and they are indeed interesting. (You can get up-to-speed on the past story of the mummies here and here and here.) Here are some of the highlights of the latest presentation:

DNA tests of the mummies show no relationship to any known human or animal


The bones of the mummies are hollow but rigid, similar to the structure of bird bones. There is visible wear at the joints between the bones which indicates that the beings were of advanced age and that they were actually alive – in other words, the mummies were not assembled from various parts.


3D scans of the insides of the mummies show that the bones, organs, muscles, fat, fat and possible eggs are in the proper locations for the creatures to have been living beings.


The data does not match any known species, making it highly likely that these are an unknown species with an evolutionary path separate from humans.


The features that look like eggs in the mummy Josefina are of various sizes, indicating differing stages of development.

Again, there is much more detailed coverage of the data and analyses on The Alien Project’s website.

The presence and apparent approval of the presentation by MP Armando Villanueva Mercado lent legitimacy to the announcement, although he admitted that the Peruvian Ministry of Culture turned down an invitation to attend. The audience was populated with plenty of university archeologists and experts in the field of mummy studies, which is a big field in Peru. As expected, there was plenty of disagreement at the end of the presentation, with many repeating the same complaint they’ve had throughout the history of these three-fingered mummies – that they were not allowed to participate in or even observe the study and analyses of the remains and that the whole process did not follow proper scientific procedures. On the other hand, the audience also contained plenty of believers and new converts and there is expected to be more and detailed coverage of the report.

Is this the announcement that changes everything? If not, who would go to such lengths to perpetrate a fraud? (Yes, we hear you, moon landing skeptics.) Yes, the name “Alien Project” Is presumptuous and many of the participants in the many announcements about these mummies have been wrong before. At this point, if The Alien Project (and the Peruvian government and the World Congress on Mummies which rightly protect the dignity of the remains of past Peruvians, whatever they might be) do not allow outside scientific analysis and review, the three fingers on the alien mummy meter are still stuck between “Skeptical” and “Unproven.”

On the other hand, the needle on the "Three-Fingered Alien Mummies!" Broadway musical meter is speeding towards "Hey kids! Let's put on a show!"

Paul Seaburn

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