Nov 22, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious Explosion in the Sky Seen and Photographed in California

Residents of Southern California flooded social media overnight with posts wondering about a mysterious flash of light seen in the skies in the early morning hours of November 20. Most of the witnesses described the phenomenon as an "explosion" in the early morning sky. Whatever it was, law enforcement agencies throughout the region aren't saying anything. What happened in the skies over California?

san diego 640x431
If San Diegans saw it at night through all of the city's light pollution, it must have been bright.

Local news outlet KTLA reports the phenomenon was seen throughout Southern California, with residents posting from Long Beach to San Diego and as far inland as Riverside. Whatever the event was, it must have been large. Twitter was full of residents’ concerned and curious posts describing what they saw and asking others if anyone had any answers. “Definitely saw 2 streaks of light in the sky this morning on Vern’s dog walk. Managed to snap a pic of the 2nd one, right next to a plane,” posted user @ROBBWEBB3. Webb managed to grab a picture of the phenomenon, a picture which definitely makes the event look more streak-like, possibly suggesting a meteor event in the atmosphere.

meteor2 570x321
Was this merely a meteor exploding?

Just a few days prior, two separate drivers in Arizona were shaken up when unidentified falling objects struck their vehicles, shattering one’s sunroof and damaging the windshield of another. Both drivers suspected meteorites, but some astronomers aren’t convinced. A similar event happened in San Diego the same day, with two cars sustaining damage from mysterious falling rocks. One driver was injured when one of those rocks hit him in the chest. The California Highway Patrol found no pedestrians nearby and considers the incident a mystery.

Could these events be connected? With the Leonid meteor shower currently underway, there’s no telling what tiny bits of rock might actually survive their fiery collisions with our atmosphere. Of course, there’s always the chance that this alleged explosion in the sky could be something altogether different and stranger. With no official explanation, this one’s still up for debate.

Then again, we all know how official explanations go.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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