Dec 01, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious Explosions Reported in Phoenix, Arizona

One of the most disquieting news trends over the last few years has been the seemingly rapid proliferation of mysterious booms being heard and felt around the world. While these anomalous airborne explosions have been well-documented throughout North America and have even been under FBI scrutiny, most remained unexplained.

At least one high-profile case of mystery booms has been solved - although the explanation is somewhat more terrifying than alien spacecraft or Chinese spy planes breaking the sound barrier over residential neighborhoods. In one case, a New Jersey man was arrested for testing out homemade bombs in a would-be terrorist plot.

While those booms in New Jersey were eventually explained, dozens of more cases remained unsolved. The latest string of anomalous booms to make the news cycle happened this week in Arizona where residents report a “string of mysterious explosions” in a neighborhood in North Phoenix. Rattled residents say the booms have been happening for a few months now, but police have yet to identify a source.

This week, however, a security camera caught what appears to be an explosion occurring on a residential street. A loud blast can be heard on the footage, and a wisp of smoke and shower of small rocks can just barely be seen at the uppermost edge of the frame. Some neighbors believe “something bomb-related” is happening, while others of course think something stranger could be going on.

sonic boom 640x427
I still stand by my gut feeling that most of these booms are caused by secret aircraft activity.

Just last week, an extremely bright explosion was seen in the skies above California and the next day a few drivers in Arizona had their cars damaged by falling rocks. Could all of these be related? What exactly is going on out in the desert?

Maybe some things are better left unknown.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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