Time travel. It is a staple of science fiction and has long captured the imagination. It seems as if that is the realm in which it should stay, within movies and books, and an entertaining yarn but far from reality. Yet in this day and age of the Internet there have been people given a voice that they never had before, and cases have come out of the woodwork of people who actually claim to be time travelers. Not only that, but some of them actually say that they have the evidence to prove it. Outlandish, surreal, and always bizarre, here are some cases of self-professed time travelers who say they can prove it.

A very strange individual came forward in November of 2017 with quite a bizarre and colorful tale to tell, and would go on to become quite the media and viral video sensation at the time. The man calls himself Noah, and claims that he is in fact from the future, the year 2030 to be exact, becoming stranded here in the present due to a “failed mission” in which he got "fired" and stuck in our present and decided to tell the world of the realities of time travel and of his experiences in a series of videos on YouTube. Of the machine that he used to jump through time, he has explained to news.com.au:

I have many body implications and things all over myself, and I step in this giant dome and these things fire up and basically a large electronic weight basically pushes you through time. It feels like if you got electrocuted.

The range of stories he has to tell of these adventures is as outlandish as it is entertaining. Noah claims that he was recruited into the government’s top secret time travel program at a very young age, and that he regularly took anti-aging pills to fight the aging effects that time travel had on his body, saying “When you time travel you gain time. When I was in junior high and I was a time traveler, I had to take these pills to make sure I don't grow old while time travelling.” He also has made numerous predictions about the future, including that Trump will win a second term of presidency, that the granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr., Yolanda Renee King, will become president at some point, and many others. According to Noah there will be a cure for cancer, that scientists will live on Mars in 2028, incidentally the same year we figure out time travel, and that we get into contact with extraterrestrials.

It all sounds pretty vague, rather unimaginative and not really that hard to guess, but what really made his story take off in the news is that he supposedly passed a lie detector test on all of this. He has also shown footage that he claims is from the future. At one point during his interview on YouTube he produces a smartphone and shows a futuristic looking city with red clouds ominously hanging over it, which he claims to be Las Vegas in the year 2120. It looks pretty questionable, as the video is stationary and doesn’t show much that couldn’t be altered through digital manipulation, but Noah has other “evidence” as well, such as an X-ray image showing a device within his hand that he says is integral for the time travel process, and he has claimed that he has even better evidence that he sadly cannot share for fear of triggering a paradox.

screen shot 2018 07 12 at 10 54 45 am
Still from "Noah's" video

Throughout his whole video interview his face is obscured as he says he is in danger of being assassinated for what he is telling the rather skeptical interviewers, and many confessed time travelers do so. He also explains that he is alone, and that although he has family in the present he cannot meet them out of danger of meeting his younger self and causing a massive paradox. It is all a completely off the wall tale that has understandably drawn a lot of criticism, not only for its sheer bizarreness, but also from the fact that the video appears on the Apex TV YouTube channel, a paranormal research organization which is popular for its numerous time traveler stories and which many accuse of being full of hoaxes.

YouTube in general, and Apex TV in particular, are fertile grounds for such wild tales, and it is in this unchecked medium that alleged time travelers have come out of nowhere in surprising numbers. One is an anonymous man who says he worked out of London, where there was a secret laboratory called Globus, involved with testing and experimenting with all manner of bizarre technology, such as teleportation devices and of course time travel. He claims that the mysterious machine used to travel through time is called “The Time Queen,” and that a main component to its inner workings is powerful stone that emits some sort of alien, misunderstood  energy. He has explained of this Time Queen:

The most important part in that machine was the piece of asteroid which has a radiation maker. The radiation of uranium is even weaker. The power of the stone has such energy it can destroy the whole planet. Fortunately, that energy only can be used in laboratory. Otherwise, the planet could be already destroyed. That energy can create time borders. We can outsmart computers to that energy and get an algorithm which transforms time to the mathematics, and this let us to travel through the time.

The machine was used to travel to the past in the United States, Russia and Britain, and frequently to 17th century China, but it is explained that certain limitations of the technology meant he could only travel a maximum of 4,000 years back in time. It all sounds completely off the rails, but this time traveler claims to have evidence in the form of a photo of a Swiss made watch that was allegedly found in the tomb of a 17th century Chinese soldier and which he says was a watch he lost on one of his many jaunts through time, of which he would say:

It is just that watch that I had lost in China in 16th to 17th centuries. I was running at the time from Chinese soldiers. A few months ago this watch was found in soldier’s tomb. I think, while I was running, he found and took it. Scientists were shocked.

It is actually striking how many of these self-professed time travelers bring forth what they say is evidence of their time bending adventures, such as photographs, videos, and others. Another man called simply Edward claimed in a video to have been part of a top secret time travel experiment in 2004, and that his travels had taken him far into the future to the year 5000, when much of the planet had been submerged due to global warming and vast wooden cities floated upon the seas of what once was. One of these cities doomed to a watery grave was apparently Los Angeles, California, a fact which Edward “proves” with a photo he produces from his pocket that he claims shows the submerged city but is actually pretty hard to make out. Edward explains of this photo to The Sun, “I was standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me, houses, building of course all made from wood. And after, I realized it was the same city, Los Angeles, but under water.”

LA 5000
Edward's photo

There is also the claim from a time traveler calling himself John, from the year 4,000. John says that he has been living in this present for the past 6 years, and that in his home time he is the president of a company that produces flying cars, and that their use of AI had resulted in a potential threat to humanity. According to John, in the year 4000 all birds have been wiped out in order to reduce the danger to the widely used flying cars, and that animals in general, even dogs and cats, are rare. It is due to concerns over the spread of AI that he says he has traveled back to the past, and as evidence of all of this he has shown a picture of what appear to be spider-like robots putting together a future vehicle called the “DR-18.”

Similarly to John is a man identified as Alexander Smith, who says he is one of the first time travelers and appears in his video looking decidedly disheveled and harried. Smith then goes on to say that the world is in dire danger from AI running amok, and that global warming and floods are also a prominent threat. As proof of his claims he produces a photo from his crumpled suit and holds it up, saying that it is a picture of a city center from the year 2118. The photo looks very blurry and indistinct, and he assures us that this is merely an artifact from the time traveling process, not in any way because it could be a hoax. There is also the photo presented by an unidentified Greek man who in 2017 claimed that he had been recruited by a professor for time travel experiments. One of these experiments saw him launched to the year 10000, where there was a war raging between humans and robots. This man also shows a picture of this future landscape, but it is not clear what it is supposed to be of, and of course the low quality is blamed on the effects of time travel.

year 10000
The picture from the year 10000

It’s not only photographs or video clips that have been offered up as evidence by time travelers either. One man calling himself W.D. Davis says he is from the year 2200, which he paints a colorful picture of indeed. According to him, in this future not only have all diseases been cured, but humans live on Mars and in great underwater cities, and that we peacefully coexist with aliens that can change shape at will. Davis, who claims to be 103 years old, said that in the future there are “miracle food pellets,” one of which can sustain an adult for a week, and he presented one of these pellets as proof. He says that in the future these pellets will be available to people all over the planet and have solved world hunger. Unfortunately, he would not allow it to be analyzed due to the paradoxical ramifications it could have, so I suppose we will just have to take his word for it.

Another anonymous time traveler is a woman who says she is from the year 3780, and that the use of the time technology is based on chips that these travelers have implanted into their arms. These devices supposedly do something to warp the space-time continuum, and she even produces one of the chips as evidence, which she calls a “skin.” It looks sort of like a big computer chip, and it is hard to tell if that is exactly what it is. The woman rambles for some time on the technology, but it is very hard to understand, and in the end it is hard to tell if any of it makes sense or not.

In the end it is hard to know how much truth any of these bizarre and quite frankly outlandish claims have. It is unfortunate that many such cases come to light on these YouTube videos, a place that is a magnet for those looking to get attention and pull hoaxes, yet there are plenty of people who give these claims serious thought, and they have become a hotbed for discussion and conspiracy theories. It is equally regrettable that the “evidence” that these supposed time travelers present in these cases is circumstantial at best, and clearly faked at worst. Yet is still gets a lot of play in discussions and debates on time travelers. Ultimately, if time travel really does exist, then these cases certainly don't prove it in any way. It is up to the reader to make up their own mind.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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