Nov 30, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Tall Aliens May Be Humans Altered By Living for a Time on Mars

“When you have a human that’s born on Mars, the environment will change the structure of the human body. In a few generations, what you are going to see is humans that are taller and skinnier, because the gravity on Mars is less than that of Earth.”

A Mars One (remember that?) astronaut is interviewed for a TV show and speculates on what may happen to her body and those of her fellow settlers and their descendants after just a few generations on Mars. An author appearing on the same show elaborated.

“If humans evolve long enough on the planet Mars, they could grow to be taller, they’d have the bigger heads, they’d have the spindly limbs. They might actually grow slightly larger eyes that were equipped to see better in the dark because you simply have less sunlight on Mars than you do on the Earth because it’s farther away from the Sun.”

Hmm. Tall, thin, big heads, big eyes. Sound like any humans you know? Sound like any ALIENS you know? Mars One astronaut and actress Sue Ann Pien and Mike Bara, author of Ancient Aliens on Mars and similar books, were being interviewed for the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series when they made these statements and more. Pien’s seem to make sense despite the fact that she’s an actress, not a space scientist, and her Mars One selection is probably due to more to her environmental activism and speaking ability than her knowledge of Mars. Mike Bara spent over 25 years as an engineering designer/consultant for major aerospace companies before becoming an author on conspiracy theories, space science, NASA, physics, UFOs and other topics and a regular on Ancient Aliens and other similar programs.

Astronaut working on Mars 570x374
Why are my pants suddenly too short?

Together, Pien and Bara seem to be describing Nordic or Tall White Aliens, the alleged humanoid extraterrestrials said to have come from the Pleiades. Contactees say they’re tall and thin with big blue eyes, although they’re not often described as having big heads, just long blond hair. Nonetheless, they seem to resemble odd elongated humans. Could humans have at one time traveled to Mars, spent enough time there to become tall, thin and big-eyed, and then come back to be misidentified as Pleiadeans? Rather than pursuing that line, Bara and the next interviewee on Ancient Aliens suddenly take a religious turn.

“The fallen angels were giants – they were at least 10 feet tall, very striking to look at, [with] enormous eyes and no wings. They could also end up looking like representations of angels and various other God-like beings that we’ve read about in the Bible and other ancient documents.”

That’s Jonathan Young, a colleague of the late mythologist Joseph Campbell and a regular on Ancient Aliens, who adds fuel to Bara’s comment that these humans altered by Martian life could look like “representation of angels and other godlike beings that we’ve read about in the Bible and other ancient documents." Really? This is the kind of U-turn that drives many UFOlogists and scientists researching alien life possibilities crazy … bringing religion into what could have been an enlightening scientific discussion on evolution, gravity, the future of Martian settlements, etc.

PIA22809 16 570x321
We still have a long way to go.

It’s sad when the most scientific member of a discussion about possible explanations for alien contact is an actress, yet Sue Ann Pien comes across the best of these three. She should make a good observer on the Mars One team and we’ll look forward to her missives from the Red Planet. Let’s hope Bara and Young are listening.

Paul Seaburn

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