Nov 10, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Unidentified Deadly Creature on the Loose in Kentucky

Something is prowling around rural Kentucky. Something dangerous. Back in September, a spate of mysterious animal killings sent law enforcement on a search to find whatever could have ripped open the throats of three miniature horses and two dogs. That search turned up nothing other than a lot of hearsay and speculation, with the prevailing theory being that some type of large cat was roaming around where it shouldn’t be. Or Bigfoot high on bad moonshine. Make that good moonshine. Really good moonshine.

Now, law enforcement officials in Monroe County, Kentucky have issued a warning for residents to be on high alert for an as yet unidentified creature which appears to still be on a murder spree. More animals have been found mutilated in the weeks since those original September attacks, most of them calves. All of them have been discovered with deep claw marks in their flesh, and some were partially eaten.

cattle mutilation 570x378
The genitals were eaten, no doubt. They always eat the genitals.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife experts do not believe the animal killings are the work of a wild animal. However, Monroe County Sheriff Dale Ford disagrees, and has produced a photo to back up his hunch. Ford released a trail camera image of what appears to be an unidentified big cat prowling around in Monroe County, a big cat he suspects could be to blame for the killings and could still be on the loose. Sheriff Ford released the image to local news outlets along with a warning for local residents to closely watch their pets, livestock, and even small children. Yikes.

Depositphotos 38315843 l 2015 640x427
Reported sightings of alien big cats have been increasing worldwide in recent years.

With so many anomalous big cats popping up in expected places lately, it’s likely that this very well could be yet another case of a predator forced out of its native habitat in search of ever-dwindling prey. Then again, who knows if the single trail camera picture is connected to all of these killings or any of these killings at all. Could Sheriff Dale Ford be keeping the public calm by laying the blame on an elusive wild predator roaming the area while something more nefarious or diabolical is afoot? You never know.

But nah, it’s probably a hungry big cat. After all, according to this year’s World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report, the Earth has seen a 60% decline in vertebrate populations in the last 40 years. Double yikes. How much longer until they come after us?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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