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Woman Claims Jealous Haunted Doll Attacked Boyfriend

Looking for a way to get rid of your boyfriend or just teach him a lesson? A woman in Peru has the doll for you. She claims the doll is possessed and able to move on its own, and it was so jealous of her boyfriend that it attacked him so hard that he broke up with her and moved out. Will this work for girlfriends? In-laws? Adult children who should have jobs and their own place already? (Asking for many friends.)

"One day, a bright light suddenly shone (and it was bright!) And my bible fell from the television. I started crying and the light went out and I saw shadows around me. "

Insolito Noticias reports the strange experiences of Berliz (no last name given), a resident of Callao, a Pacific seaport near Lima. She claims she received the doll for Christmas a few years ago, a gift from her late mother. (Photos and video here.) The first strange thing to happen was the doll’s hair falling out. She first noticed it moving a few years later and tried the usual “turned it to face the wall” trick … only to find it staring at her again the next morning. The bible incident was just a precursor to the doll revealing its violent powers.

"I was only 18 years old, and my father hugged me and when the light went on, my face was covered in cuts."

So, she took the doll outside, put in in her father’s barbecue grill, set in on fire and went with her life without further torment.

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Not the doll in the story, but still pretty scary

Ha! Nobody does that … especially if they want their story to someday be made into a movie! Berliz apparently kept the haunted doll in case she might need it. She claimed the doll continued to knock things off of shelves and attacked her cousin when she slept in the doll’s room, grabbing her wrist with its tiny doll hands and hitting her with her tiny doll fists. Whatever had possessed the doll was not tied to the house since she noticed more strange activities when she moved in with her boyfriend.

That’s when the possessed doll finally came in handy. Berliz claimed the doll became jealous of her boyfriend and attacked him while he was sleeping, scaring him out of the house and their relationship when it “"grabbed him and hit him."

So, she took the doll outside, put in in her own barbecue grill, set in on fire and went with her life without further torment.

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Not the doll in the story, but still pretty scary

Ha again! Nobody does that … especially when haunted dolls are selling like possessed pancakes on eBay. She bought a black cat to "balance" the negative energy in her house, but it just hides under a chair. A video shows a clairvoyant inspecting the doll. Berliz is now so frightened by the doll that she has abandoned any plans for a movie or a profit and just wants it out of her house and away from her new baby. She told Insolito Noticias that she’s willing to give it away.

Is the doll really possessed and able to move, hit, scratch and generally torment anyone who bothers it or makes it jealous? It’s hard to tell since the video doesn’t show the doll in action. Berliz became a little more believable when she offered to give the doll away instead of selling it – “Just get it out of here!” has more credibility than “Make me an offer.”

Peru does have an abundance of haunted doll stories. However, without more evidence, even Barbie, who is always looking for new ways to dump Ken, puts this latest haunted doll story under “skeptical.”

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