Dec 30, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Deadly Mystery Creature Still on the Loose in India

What could be on the loose in India? Whatever it is, it clearly has a hunger for blood which can’t be satisfied. When will the killings end? Over the last year, an unidentified creature of some sort (or perhaps multiple creatures) has been rampaging throughout rural Indian farming villages, sucking the blood and internal organs right out of the poor, helpless little bodies of sheep, ducks, and even attacking people. Fear quickly spread throughout the Indian countrysides, prompting state governments to take action.

Some of the creature's victims.

Earlier this month, a team of scientists from the Wildlife Institute of India determined the creatures were merely packs of hungry feral dogs. Could dogs really mutilate animals so cleanly and efficiently? While local governments may have been hoping to put this case behind them by pinning the mutilations on man’s best friend, a new string of attacks suggest something more sinister than dogs may still be on the loose. Just this week, 17 sheep were found in the village of Gopalsahi, not far from several similar horrific mutilations which occurred last year that left hundreds of sheep dead and eviscerated.

dead sheep2 640x426
Note the lack of spilled blood.

According to local news reports, the animals in this most recent incident were found with “deep injuries” on their necks and heads suggesting some unknown wild animal is responsible for these mutilations. Investigators with India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change urge the public not to jump to conclusions about the mystery predator behind these attacks until the investigation is concluded. Night patrols have been established, and villagers have been warned to stay alert.

sheep 640x480
Placid, docile sheep are common victims of these anomalous mutilations.

Whatever is behind these killings, it sure knows how to stay hidden. While I would love for this mystery creature to be discovered to be something strange and unknown, I just have to wonder if these incidents aren’t related to the high numbers of anomalous big cats seen around the world lately. Is climate change and human activity forcing predators into new areas in search of food, or maybe - just maybe - could something truly strange be afoot for once? Until this Indian chupacabra or whatever it may be is captured, we can all let our imaginations run wild.

Brett Tingley
Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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