Dec 19, 2018 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious and Unexplained Noises Heard Throughout Chicago

Seriously: what is causing all of the mysterious booms heard and felt throughout the nation lately? Residents of Chicago and surrounding suburbs are wondering that this week as a series of unexplained and otherwise mysterious noises have been perplexing and worrying residents. On Tuesday, December 11, the northwest Chicago suburb of Elgin was awakened by a series of mysterious booms in the early morning hours. The noises were so loud that windows and walls shook, according to some homeowners. The city of Elgin is investigating the noise, but has yet to produce an explanation.

A few nights later on December 13, residents of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood began hearing a “mysterious hum in the air.” The sound is described by some residents as a subtle hum, while others say it sounds more high-pitched like an alarm sound or siren. The sound is made even more curious by the fact that only some residents hear it, while others are oblivious to the anomalous noise.

Another mysterious boom was reported just south of Chicago in Paxton, Illinois this week, so loud it could be heard 30 miles away. Paxton Mayor Bill Ingold says he thinks the sound was a sonic boom, while other residents think it might have been a meteorite impact. "Others think it was some kind of creaking noise," Paxton adds.

Meanwhile, Ford County Board member Tom McQuinn described the sound as "the loudest-hitting thunderbolt I ever heard” despite there being not a single cloud in the sky. A few residents reported hearing several smaller explosion-like sounds before a much larger one. No anomalous fires or craters have been reported as in the case of other mystery booms which turned out to be the work or burgeoning bomb makers. Curiously, some residents reported seeing a green streak in the sky at the same time.

sonic boom

Could any or all of these sounds be connected? Are meteorite impacts getting more frequent, or could these booms be man-made? That is, as more nations test hypersonic aircraft and weapons, might there be activity overhead we don’t know about? Could some unknown phenomenon or event be behind these unexplained booms? Any guess is as good as any at this point.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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