Dec 15, 2018 I Paul Seaburn

Psychic and Paranormal Investigators Help Find Long Lost Murder Victim

It’s the time of the year when psychics both living and Nostradamus are wheeled out to make their predictions for the coming year. While the activity is often interesting, sometimes fun and occasionally accurate, it takes away from some of the more useful services psychics can provide – like helping the police solve crimes. The news this week is about one such incident in New York where both a psychic and ghost hunters may have helped solve a nearly 60-year-old disappearance, aided a family in getting some closure and potentially provided clues to the police in searching for a murderer.

“There was a guy who came to my basement, and he went to the right spot and said, ‘The energy is here.’”

“The energy” that a paranormal investigator pointed to in a basement in Long Island was one of the final clues in helping Michael Carroll solve a mystery that began in 1961 when George Carroll – his father – disappeared without a trace, leaving his wife and four children, including eight-month-old Michael. Dorothy Carroll would only say that her husband went out for a pack of cigarettes and never returned. She told her children not to ask questions.

That’s too bad because there were a number of clues that could have helped solve the suspicious disappearance back then. For one thing, a missing persons report was never filed. The house was under construction at the time and the basement was unfinished. Soon, a man named Richard Darress moved in and later married Dorothy. According to interviews George gave to Newsday and The New York Post, they divorced in the early 1980s and Darress moved to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where he died in 2018. An investigation found that he married and divorced another woman who took out a restraining order which prevented him from owning any guns. How many more clues would YOU need?

“No family is perfect, [but] we have an interesting story. This story is not your average story.”

Michael bought the home from his mother, who is also deceased, and has always wondered if it contained any clues to his father’s disappearance. His premonitions led him to bring in paranormal investigators about four years ago and that’s when the “energy” in the basement convinced him to dig. Carroll did the work on his own for personal reasons, but his two sons pitched in, knowing the family story. They were concerned about structural damage but a ground radar search discovered something -- ironically, six feet under the floor – that kept them going.

“I was told by the psychic it was blunt force trauma. She actually said to me that it was a pipe, that he got hit in the head by a pipe and he was buried alive.”

Despite that ominous warning from a psychic, they continued digging and, on the night before Halloween this year, the Carrolls found a skeleton. DNA tests have now confirmed it’s the remains of George Carroll and the local medical examiner confirmed the prediction of the psychic.

“We were able to determine that the cause of death included blunt impacts to the head with fractures of the skull and brain injury, although there may be other injuries that are no longer detectable.”

While there’s no report on what the psychic would say about this successful prediction, Carroll feels he knows what his father is thinking.

“I had the impression that he was dancing in paradise."

Does this prove the psychic’s ability or was the evidence already overwhelming? What about the blunt force? A lucky guess?

A family is at peace. Does it really matter?

(Family photographs and pictures of the house can be seen here.)

Paul Seaburn

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