Dec 30, 2018 I Brent Swancer

Truly Outlandish Encounters with Bizarre Otherwordly Entities

In the world of UFOs and the paranormal there are very often reports from witnesses that seem to traverse the line between the strange and the utterly bizarre, lodging themselves firmly into the domain of the downright absurd. Such accounts can be so completely surreal that they are hard to really fit into any clear category, and exist on a plane unto themselves. I have written much of such accounts in the past, and indeed quite recently here at Mysterious Universe, and here I delve once again into accounts of encounters with all manner of absurdly strange beings, that seem to elude and defy any easy classification.

The earliest of these completely bonkers accounts we will look at supposedly occurred back in the summer of 1955, in the normally quiet Casa Blanca neighborhood of Riverside County, California. On this day, a young boy named Kermit Douglas was playing with some other children on the lawn of his home when they noticed a large, glowing semi-transparent dome-like structure floating through the air over their heads before vanishing, only to reappear shortly after that with a musical chiming sound. This time the object was surrounded by myriad small orb-like things of different colors orbiting it, and all of them seemed to vanish and reappear in different places as if they were teleporting, each time emanating a distinctive “ping” sound.

At first it seemed to be a wondrous and almost playful display, as if these orbs of light were sentient and just playing around for their amusement, but things would quickly graduate to alarming, when a truly massive one of the orbs “about as large as three houses put together” came down into a nearby football field to land and a series of completely absurd events would begin to play out. As the children gazed in wonder at this sight a very outlandish being suddenly appeared near the Douglas home, hovering and translucent just as the mysterious spheres were. The creature was described as being around 4 feet in height, with “a big red mouth, big red eyes, and four round objects on his face which sparkled like diamonds where his nose should be.” Instead of legs it had merely a rounded, tapering bottom, and its belt cast a blinding glare that caused the children to become steadily more panicked, shouting and screaming, yet adults who came to investigate what was going on would later claim that they could not see any of the strange lights or the being that the children described.

In the meantime things went weird at an alarming rate, starting when one of the youngest of the group of kids purportedly became somewhat entranced and hypnotized by the gigantic pulsating, multicolored sphere that had come to rest in the football field, and started mindlessly shambling towards it like a zombie, to the point that he had to be restrained by two of the other boys. Things only got steadily trippier from there, as there were also other spheres starting to descend now to hover over or land on the ground or even trees and the roofs of houses, and at one point a metallic arm was seen to materialize out of thin air to beckon one of the children, just the arm, unattached to any body, floating there in the void. Still another one of the boys said he also saw a small man marching about clad all in silver and clenching in his hands two “ray guns.”

As all of this assorted and surreal weirdness was going down, the largest of the orbs, that one in the center of the football field, suddenly opened to disgorge another of those diamond-faced, red-eyed entities, this one with four legs, and two arms that each branched off at the forearms into separate appendages each with its own hand, for a total of four hands. This eight-limbed abomination then put two of the boys into a trance-like state and telepathically commanded them to climb a tree, which they did. Some 15 minutes later, the two tree-bound boys were approached by a “Saturn shaped” UFO and its crew of tiny beings, which tried to get the two entranced boys aboard the vessel but were thwarted by some of the other boys shooting a, I am not making this up, a garden hose at it. The water snapped one of the boys out of his daze, and the other simply remained in his trance and jumped off the roof. Both boys were uninjured, and would later claim to have no memory of what had happened while they were in their stupor.

Soon after the garden hose incident, the UFOs in all of their shapes and sizes suddenly just left, shooting up straight into the sky to vanish, leaving behind a group of very frightened and intensely confused children. Subsequent interviews with these witnesses have shown that they at least seem to truly believe that this is all true, but what exactly they saw remains unknown. Indeed, it is such a chaotic, varied, and incredibly, almost ridiculously odd and harrowing sequence events that it is hard to even know what to think of it or whether this really had anything to do with "aliens" at all. What were these creatures, where did they come from, and why did only the kids see them? Why is the case so insanely bizarre, almost dream-like? There is no way to know.

In the 1960s we have several very deeply strange encounters, some of them quite sinister even. A common phenomenon related to UFOs and alien encounters is the mutilation of cattle or other livestock, which are found minus organs or all of their blood, and often displaying strange punctures or precise surgical cuts. Often the actual perpetrators of these mutilations are not seen, but for our first bizarre account we have a case in which the entity responsible was actually encountered, and which has become one of the weirdest alien sightings there is.

In April of 1967, a young woman named Valentina Flores was out tending her flock of sheep and llamas out in a rugged mountainous region of Opoco province, Bolivia, near a small town called Potosi. On this day Valentina was out tending her flock near her modest shack out in the wilds, where she lived along with her husband Gumersindo and their baby daughter, Theodosia. The day started out like any other, but she noticed at some point that the llamas had wandered off. It was not really all that uncommon, as the creatures had a deep case of wanderlust, so she went about gathering all of her sheep into one place and going off to find the llamas, which she was fairly sure were not far and would be retrieved quickly.

Valentina headed out over the rough terrain, her baby strapped to her back with a traditional carrying blanket, not unusual for the people of the region, and she found the animals in a clearing not far away, as expected. What she did not expect was that when she returned to where she had started that all of her sheep would be nowhere to be seen, leaving a trail of tracks off into the wilderness. After undoubtedly letting out a frustrated sigh, Valentina dutifully followed the trail left by the animals through the mountains, eventually coming to a sort of stone corral used as a temporary holding area for sheep, and this was where things would begin to take a turn for the deeply odd.

img bolivia 01
The Bolivian mountains

The woman noticed that something was attached to the corral, which upon closer inspection seemed to be a meshed, sticky substance not unlike a giant spider web, which all seemed to splay forth from an inscrutable pole-like structure in the middle. This was all rather unsettling enough, but Valentina would be struck with terror when she looked past the weblike substance to see the ground below littered with the bodies of her sheep, which appeared to have been cut open and disemboweled. Before she even really had time to process this macabre sight, she noticed that she was not alone, and there standing not far away was a small, child-sized being who was wearing some kind of one-piece suit with red straps in an X-pattern across the chest, brown boots, a helmet with “a propellor” on it, and a backpack with knobs and dials. It was very pale, with a face that was described as having an ample red mustache, blonde hair atop the head, and bright blue eyes.

It seemed to be hunched over one of the sheep, in the process of inserting a siphon-like device with a hooked end into the still struggling and terrified animal. Beside the entity was a satchel of some sort that was covered with blood and seemed to be filled with organs and parts from the dead animals, which all angered Valentina enough to snap her out of her daze of fear. She began to shout at the being and throw rocks at it, and the odd little entity retreated to what was described as some box-like device like “a radio,” which had a crank on the side that the little creature began to furiously wind to reel in the webs that covered the corral. It then became apparent that there was another of the creatures standing nearby, and this one ran up a hill to sit within a chair-like device that let out a humming sound and hovered off. Valentina was left alone with the original creature that she had seen butchering her sheep, and she lurched towards it with a wooden club she always carried with her. The little man at this point was said to be the one who was terrified now, and Valentina would say of what happened next:

He spoke to me, but I did not understand it. It was not Quechua or Spanish. He was as upset as I was. Oh my God! My animals! He had killed them one by one. I became crazy. I hit him with all my strength. I hit him in the face and he started to bleed. The guy was still screaming but I did not understand it.

Unfortunately for Valentina, the being was not completely helpless, and he produced a strange tool similar to a curved, razor sharp boomerang to lash out at her, cutting her chest and arms. It must have been quite a sight to see, this shepherd woman with a club and a baby strapped to her back, locked in an apparent fight to the death with this alien sheep-killer and his otherworldly weapon, and after a few moments of combat the injured entity retreated with his device containing the webs and his bag of sheep entrails. Valentina chased the little man, but he soon sat atop another of those chair-like contraptions and shot off into the sky much as his companion had done, leaving the woman standing there with her unharmed baby, exhausted and bleeding.

According to the rather spectacular account, Bolivian military would later examine the scene to find 63 dead sheep missing various organs and swaths of fat, as well as every drop of blood. Other ranchers in the area would also tell of finding mutilated sheep carcasses devoid of blood, and of having seen miniature beings lurking about the animal pens at night. The account would come to public attention with an interview conducted with the witness in 2001 by Spanish UFO researcher J. J. Benítez, and what made it all the more interesting was that Valentina had never even heard of UFOs or aliens before and did not seem particularly interested in that line of questioning.

Also from the 1960s we have a curious account from the U.S. state of Oregon. In 1965, an unidentified witness says he was staying at his parents’ house near Madras, Oregon, when one evening his attention was drawn by loud noises coming from right outside the house. When he looked outside, the witness says that he saw strange lights outside and a “UFO coming down,” but what was even stranger than that was a very large, hulking form that suddenly appeared from the night to stand looking in the doorway of the house, of which he would say, "I saw an alien creature standing outside the front door looking at me. It had the face of an ape, and chain across the chest area.”

The massive creature then lumbered off and the lights disappeared, allegedly leaving a mark upon the ground where the UFO had landed but no other physical evidence at all such as tracks. Considering the strange chains and the proximity to the UFO sighting, it seems that this creature must have surely had some connection, but it is strange that except for the chain this thing’s appearance makes it seem like it could have been a Bigfoot. Interestingly, Bigfoot and UFOs are often sighted together, oddly enough, making an already weird phenomenon even weirder.

The 1960s seem to have been a rather odd time for extraterrestrial encounters, because our next case is every bit as bizarre and occurred in 1968 in the province of Tarragona in Spain, and concerns a humble farmer by the name of John Mateu. According to a report contained within the Barcelona Tele-Express, in the summer of that year, Mateu was out doing his usual farm work like any other day, when he caught sight of what appeared to be something glinting in the morning light some distance down the dirt road that went past the property. His first impression was that it was someone who might be lost or even worse broken down, and so he walked off down the dusty road with his dog in tow to see what was going on. It would soon become quite clear that this was no car, nor any sort of vehicle he recognized.

As he approached, Mateu could see that rather than a car the source of the glinting light was actually some sort of oval, metallic object that was glowing and hovering several feet off of the ground. As the dumbfounded farmer stared on in amazement, he noticed three small creatures that looked vaguely octopoid, moving along swiftly on tentacles towards the craft. When they reached it, the weird entities were described as piling into the spheroid object and shooting off into the sky and leaving Mateu there to faint and lose consciousness. Indeed, he'd go on to remain missing for a full day as friends and family searched for him, after which he wandered home, unable to account for his missing time. Mateu and his brother would go on to find several patches of scorched earth where it was surmised that the alien craft had landed, and oddly enough their watches were also reported as stopping when they entered the vicinity. Interestingly, Spain was subjected to a spate of sightings and encounters of strange, octopoid creatures all over the country, although what connection any of them have to this case or each other remains unclear.

Moving on to the 1970s we have the extraordinarily odd account of 9 year-old José Cantu, of the town of Harrah, in Washington state. On January 19, 1977, Cantu was up early in the morning making himself breakfast when he looked outside to see a strange, diminutive “little men” out in the yard. He tried to wake his mother, but she told him to leave her alone and that he was imagining things, so he went out to take a look for himself, soon coming face to face with a pair of 3-foot-tall beings with greenish skin and no legs, instead sitting atop rotating bases with various tubes and small wheel-like protuberances attached to them. The heads of the things were monstrous, with pig-like snouts, odd mushroom-shaped caps, and only a single eye placed within the center of their heads, as well as tiny, useless looking forearms jutting out from the middle.

Cantu immediately hid behind a shed, and it was here where he would notice two brightly lit metallic crafts parked nearby which had ramps leading to the ground and seemed to be piloted by more of the same cyclops beings. The two beings he had seen earlier then boarded these “spaceships” via the ramps, after which the crafts hovered into the air and vanished into puffs of smoke. The boy ran back inside, woke his sleeping mother, and told her all about what he had seen, but she would not believe him and sent him on his way to school. There he would tell anyone who would listen about what he had seen, and two classroom aides ended up being so enthralled by his sincerity that they went home with him after school to take a look at the scene themselves.

In the yard, the aides would find circular indentations within the earth, apparently caused by the bases that the two aliens had sat upon, and neighbors would say that they had also found enormous depressions in the ground where Cantu said the craft had been resting. An examination of these depressions showed that they had strange patterns of swirled grass within them, and this was all big enough news that the following day a a police officer for the Indian Reserve of Yakima by the name of Willard J. Vogel came to investigate, seeing the evidence and interviewing the boy, and he became convinced that the boy at least truly believed that he was telling the truth. What did he see, aliens, UFOs, or some kind of inter-dimensional interlopers? Who knows?

Here we hve looked at a selection of some of the oddest encounters with beings beyond our comprehension. Although it is easy to simply write these off as delusions or overactive imaginations, it is also intriguing to think about whether there is any chance at all that any of it was true, and if so, what these entities could have possibly been. If they are real, then what are the origins of such things? Are these creatures from another star that have travelled here upon nuts and bolts spacecraft? Or are they perhaps thigs from beyond our reality, interdimensional travellers not traversing space, but rather the space between spaces, punching through some curtain between dimensions? Whatever the answer may be, one thing is for sure, and that these accounts are pretty much as truly, spectacularly weird as they get.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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