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Blair Witch Director Seeks UFO Contact in New Movie

The co-writer/director of The Blair Witch Project, Daniel Myrick, is returning to his shaky-cam roots with his new movie, Skyman, which follows, documentary-style, the fictional story of Carl Merryweather, a man who believes he had an alien encounter in the desert when he was 10 years old and is now attempting to re-establish contact at the same location.

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Daniel Myrick

In a statement made last week on the 20th anniversary of the Blair Witch release, Myrick said:

"I’m elated to finally be able to share the first look at Skyman on such a monumental occasion – the 20th year anniversary of Blair Witch. We’re all curious about the beyond... I’m excited for you to join me on this journey."


I'll go out on a limb and say this will be a must-watch for UFO buffs as it will likely tap directly into some fascinating elements of UFOlogy and UFO lore. Blurring the lines between fact and fantasy, the trailer for Skyman opens with actual UFO footage captured in the 1950s, well known to UFOlogists. I interviewed Daniel Myrick back in 2014 in connection with his 2008 sci-fi movie The Objective, which drew inspiration from UFO conspiracy theories and Ancient Astronaut lore.  Myrick described to me how he had grown up in the 1970s watching TV series and documentaries exploring Ancient Astronauts. "They had a huge influence on my imagination and world view about earth and the cosmos," Myrick explained.

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The Objective (2008)

Myrick also told me he is a firm believer in life elsewhere in the cosmos and is hopeful that contact might be established within his lifetime. However, he was far from sold on the extraterrestrial hypothesis for UFOs. He acknowledged in our correspondence:

“Well, there is a ‘phenomenon’ to be sure. Exactly what is the root cause is more open to speculation. Scientifically, I find it hard to imagine that a race of beings with the capability of space travel over such distances would come all this way only to leave blurry remnants of themselves for us mere mortals to argue over in the ensuing years after their departure. More likely we’ll be making contact via radio telescope or some other technology that has yet to be invented.”

Judging by the trailer and poster for his new film, though, it may be that Myrick is finally finding his believer boots...

Skyman will be released later this year.

Robbie Graham

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