Jan 26, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Grounded Flights, Mysterious Mid-Flight Illnesses, and Cosmic Radiation

In 2017, NASA scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center published a study warning that because of recent anomalies in the Earth’s protective magnetic field, dangerous clouds of cosmic radiation could soon pose serious health risks to airline crews and passengers flying at high altitudes. Since then, several airliners have faced lawsuits from crews who say they experienced unexplained illnesses as a result of their time in the air. Are the two connected?

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The Earth's magnetic field serves as a shield against cosmic rays, but that field is weakening in places for reasons still unknown.

Hard to say, but a recent spate of mysterious illnesses on flights sure makes it seem like something weird is going on aboard airliners lately, whether or not it’s related to NASA’s 2017 warnings about cosmic radiation. On January 2, multiple passengers aboard Frontier Airlines Flight 1397 flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Tampa, Florida fell ill with a mysterious illness. Dozens of passengers suddenly became nauseated and many of them vomited, prompting the plane to land early. The sick passengers were moved to the front of the plane for triage while the rest had to be moved to the rear of the aircraft where they waited to deplane for 90 minutes.

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Good thing those tiny paper bags were there among the germ-infested magazines.

It’s still unclear what caused the passengers of Flight 1397 to fall ill, but Frontier Airlines believe it may have something to do with a water fountain at the airport. Officials from the City of Cleveland stated they would conduct an investigation, but there has been no update in the weeks that followed.

Just this week, a Dubai-bound Ural Airlines aircraft which departed from Moscow, Russia had to make an emergency landing after many passengers all fell ill simultaneously. About 90 minutes into the flight, many passengers suddenly found it difficult to breathe and became nauseated. Some of those who fell ill were reported to have “greatly dilated pupils.”

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Nausea is a symptom of radiation poisoning - and just about every other form of poisoning. Airline cabins and noxious fumes go hand-in-hand sometimes.

One passenger says that as more and more people fell ill, a sense of dread filled the cabin:

I was woken up by a young woman screaming for assistance. She yelled and screamed 'Help, help!' because her husband felt ill. He was feeling really bad. He was suffocating and couldn’t breathe in. His face went the colour green  — then a panic swept through the plane.

Similar to the Frontier Flight 1397 incident, this one currently remains unexplained. Mid-flight illnesses are nothing new, and there are plenty of things aboard a modern airliner that could make passengers ill including the stink of other passengers’ rotting flesh. Still, the sudden uptick in mid-flight illnesses coincides with recent discoveries of more and more anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field. Could NASA’s warning about cosmic radiation finally be coming true?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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