Jan 10, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Inquest Opened in Mysterious Death of Conspiracy Theorist Max Spiers

In October 2016, the UFO and conspiracy theory worlds got a shock when news broke that speaker and writer Max Spiers, 39, had been found dead under suspicious circumstances. In the weeks before his death, Spiers grew increasingly suspicious that he was being targeted by unknown individuals or groups, warning his mother Vanessa Bates that “your boy’s in trouble” and that “if anything happens, investigate.” Days later, eyewitnesses say, Spiers vomited a few liters of an unidentified black liquid before being found dead on a colleague’s sofa in Poland.

Spiers’ credibility was sometimes questioned by other members of the conspiracy theory community, and Spiers made some pretty bold claims, including claiming to have been made into a supersoldier during his childhood. Nevertheless, Spiers made a career out of investigating conspiracies, unidentified aerial phenomena, government cover-ups and the like. Shortly before his death, Spiers embarked on a project that led him to investigate politicians, celebrities, and prominent business magnates - you know, the kind that can get away with murdering someone. If they wanted to.

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The circumstances surrounding Spiers’ death have been said to suggest some sort of cover-up.

Whether or not a shadowy cabal of Very Important People had anything to do with Spiers’ death has yet to be seen. It certainly appears that there are a lot of suspicious events surrounding Spiers’ death and the resulting investigation, though, including the researcher’s laptop being allegedly wiped clean after Polish police refused to perform an autopsy and ruled his death due to natural causes. Did Spier's work get him murdered?

Depends on who you ask. His mother told reporters that Spiers’ most recent investigation was “going to expose black magic” among politicians and celebrities. Spiers’ girlfriend, meanwhile, said he would expose “enemies within other realities.” Not to be outdone, Spiers’ colleague and friend Miles Johnson told the BBC that aliens were of course somehow involved:

We have now got an unthinkable situation. Max has died for his country and the people on this planet. We’re dealing with aliens. We’re dealing with a predator within humanity, a fifth column, which has been successful so far in causing us a great deal of damage and harm. People like Max were involved in exposing that fifth column. He knew he was going to die. He knew he was in a trap. He told his mother that.

Was Max Spiers’ death a homicide? If so, committed by whom and for what end? Could it have had anything to do with his death? What was the black liquid Max Spiers could have vomited before his death? Are aliens from a hidden dimension of reality using politicians and celebrities to harvest young children for use in sacrificial interdimensional rituals?

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Spiers was a popular speaker on the UFO and conspiracy theory circuits.

To get at as many of these questions as possible, a British court will hear an inquest opened to investigate Spiers’ death. The inquest will be held at the Guildhall in Sandwich, Kent and will last four days. During that time, Polish investigators are expected to present evidence and statements taken from witnesses in Poland including Monika Duval, the friend with whom Spiers was staying at the time of his death. On the first day of the inquest, a Polish pathologist declared that Spiers' death was caused by pneumonia and drug intoxication. According to testimony given on the first day of the inquest, Spiers was apparently a known drug user and consumed a large quantity of a Turkish version of Xanax shortly before his death. Will this inquest help us discover the truth behind Max Spiers’ death, or will we finally put this mystery to rest?

Brett Tingley

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