Jan 12, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Multiple Witnesses Report Mysterious Green Light Above England

Something weird is going on in the skies over the United Kingdom. Of course, I would argue that something weird is happening in the skies all over the world. From unexplained booms to mysterious fireballs, something just doesn’t seem right overhead. Of course, it could merely be that between cameras and the citizen reporting made possible by social media, we’re just more aware of minor meteor impacts and atmospheric events than we used to be. Still, it seems like there is a pattern of aerial strangeness lately that suggests something weird or new is happening. I'm not crazy, right?

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If meteor impacts were becoming more common, would government agencies want to incite panic by making it public?

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, in particular, there has been a recent string of strange UFO reports and aircraft activity suggesting military exercises or perhaps something stranger. In November 2018, multiple commercial pilots witnessed mysterious fast-moving lights off the coast of Ireland, and a month later the Royal Air Force was scrambled to intercept an unidentified flying object above East Yorkshire. Then there was the whole strange saga of the “drone” sightings at England’s Gatwick airport, an incident which has yet to be fully explained. What’s going on in the skies over the British Isles?

Whatever is going on, it’s still going on. Today, news broke of a mysterious green flash seen in the skies above Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire in central England, not too far from where the December UFO incidents were reported. Rather than an unidentified aircraft, this time eyewitnesses reported a bright green light or streak in the sky on the evening of January 8.  Some witnesses described the light as “neon green” or “white and a bit green” while some say the light was blue. All reports describe the object as incredibly fast - too fast for conventional aircraft.

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Green fireballs are some of the most commonly reported unidentified aerial phenomena.

One witness, Debbie Pickard of Ilkeston, thought the object was flying at a low altitude over nearby homes and says this isn’t the first time she’s seen such an object:

It was as if something shot through the houses. It did not look very high and it looked like it was travelling horizontally. It's a UFO by definition. It was like someone had thrown a frisbee. Me and my dad spotted a similar thing in 1988, it was in the papers then and confirmed on Gatwick radar. You do wonder what these things are.

UK Meteor Watch and the American Meteor society reported dozens of reports of a fireball that night. Meanwhile, speculation on social media about what the light could have been ranges from the International Space Station, fighter aircraft cockpit display panels, or spotlights. With the RAF Donna Nook bombing range and RAF Waddington and RAF Coningsby bases nearby just to name a few, it’s also possible that the light was caused by military activity. Until more details emerge, if they ever do, we’ll just have to keep our eyes upward and wonder what’s going on up there.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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