Jan 24, 2019 I Brett Tingley

‘Mysterious Beast’ Kills 30 Goats and Drains Their Blood

The mysterious goat-sucker strikes again! As el chupacabra continues its world tour, it's clear that no livestock is safe. Around the globe, livestock and other farm animals are being savagely and mysteriously ripped apart, drained of their blood, or otherwise eviscerated. Over the last few years, stories reporting unexplained animal mutilations appear to be on the rise. While the phenomenon is by no means new, the increasing frequency with which they’re being reported makes it seem like unknown, unseen predators are venturing into new territory in search of fresh meat. What’s behind these killings?

Chupacabra1 570x399
Hopefully this thing.

The latest case of a brutal and unexplained animal mutilation comes from the African nation of Namibia, where shepherds report that close to 30 goats have been found completely drained of their blood. Residents of the villages of Uukwanambwa and Amuteya say that for the past few weeks, some unknown predator has been stalking their goats in the night and somehow sucking all of their blood without spilling a drop.

According to news blog The Namibian, the creature has been seen by a few witnesses who say the animal resembles a large dog:

Two goats died and 10 have holes in the neck and they're just salivating. We were told not to eat them and to kill the remaining four and burn them. The thing that killed the animals was apparently seen at the neighbour's house fighting with a dog. Those who have seen them said they look like black dogs.

Local wildlife officials and veterinarians say the animals’ wounds are anomalous and that they’ve never seen anything like them before. Environment ministry deputy director for the north central regions Rehabeam Erckie told AllAfrica.com that "scientifically, these things attacking the goats in that manner are not part of the wildlife we know. We leave room for more investigations.”

sheep mutilate
Drained blood and missing reproductive organs are common features of these mysterious mutilations.

Are all of these cases of animal mutilations a further indication that things aren’t quite right in the natural world? As climate change, human development, and who knows what else continue to reshape the Earth and the ecosystems that depend on it, it’s natural we’ll start to see new patterns of animal behavior or even new animals emerge from the shadows. When will one of these creatures start preying on humans?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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