Jan 30, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Mysterious Boeing Patent Appears to Show ‘Mothership’ at Area 51

America’s favorite secret military base somehow manages to stay in the headlines year after year. Earlier this month, the world's largest aerospace company Boeing quietly released a series of concept art images which appear to depict some type of unknown, high-altitude “mothership” capable of launching smaller craft while in flight. Even stranger, the images appear to depict the large triangular aircraft sitting on a tarmac at the infamous Area 51. Does this revelation confirm any of the triangle UFO theories that have been floating around for years?

Not yet, anyway. The Boeing concept art images appear to have been discovered and published by aviation blog The Drive. As The Drive’s Tyler Rogoway and Joseph Trevithick note, the mountain ranges and landscape in the images seem eerily similar to the landscape at Groom Lake, Nevada where Area 51 is located:

What makes these renderings even more interesting is that they seem to show this combination of exotic aircraft being flown out of Area 51. The hills in the background and the general details shown match up near perfectly with the clandestine flight test location. It's interesting to think that concept art would include such specific details, especially in an age long before Area 51 was as known as it is today or tools like Google Earth existed. The chances of this being some coincidence seem low. Considering the tech being shown and the fact that these renderings remained unreleased for decades, it does make sense that they would show the system operating at its intended base of operations.

In the images, a massive triangular ‘mothership’ is depicted both in flight and sitting on a landing strip surrounded by desert.  The ‘mothership’ in the images appears to be a high-altitude aircraft capable of launching a separate, smaller spacecraft or aircraft from a special hollow section of its fuselage. Strangest of all, the triangular ‘parasite’ spacecraft in the images should be familiar to anyone who keeps up aerospace and UFO developments: it’s a dead ringer for the long-rumored TR-3B.

triangle ufo in the evening 570x311
If the ship had navigation lights at its corners, it would match the craft described in hundreds of reports of triangular black UFOs around the world.

The TR-3B is an alleged black budget surveillance aircraft built by the US Air Force, believed to exist thanks to dozens of sightings of black, triangular aircraft reported throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and a few grainy photographs. Our own Micah Hanks recently published a terrific look at the triangle UFO phenomenon and the many documented sightings which took place throughout the 1980s - which just so happens the exact same time these Boeing Area 51 ‘mothership’ images were created.

Are these concept images proof of anything? Not exactly. It’s unknown if this project ever came to fruition, although several similar platforms have in recent years been developed which can launch spacecraft from high-altitude 'mothership' aircraft. Still, these Boeing images may help further reinforce some people’s suspicions (like my own) that Area 51 isn’t as strange as some make it out to be. If the ‘truth’ about Area 51 is ever disclosed to the public, it will likely be a lot less sensational and strange than we all hope. While many of us hold on to the hope that de-engineered alien spacecraft or grey aliens in massive formaldehyde tanks might be stored away in hangars at the secretive military base, the truth is likely far more banal. Or maybe that's just what They want us to believe.

triangle 570x417
Why would Boeing release the images now?

The U.S. military tests all manners of new aircraft and weapons at the highly off-limits base at the Nevada Test and Training Range, and the secrecy is likely in place to keep new defensive capabilities out of the hands of America’s adversaries. It has even been alleged that the alien rumors surrounding Area 51 are a form of counterintelligence designed to muddy the waters and discredit any leaks that do manage to slip out of the top secret facility. Where do these ‘mothership’ images fit in with larger Area 51 narratives? Are they more misinformation, or a hint that the TR-3B might indeed be overhead?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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