Jan 13, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Pond Disappears After Unidentified Object Reportedly Falls from Sky

The city of Lewisburg, Tennessee lies just under an hour away from the southern cultural mecca of Nashville. Lewisburg resident Patsy Wright’s family has lived in the city for over 100 years on a piece of rural property which enjoys a sizable pond. Last week, Wright was walking her dog around the property on her way to the pond when she came across a surprising sight:

I walked down here with my dog and sure as the world, no water! It was gone!

Wright says this is the first time she’s known the pond to be empty in the century her family has lived at the property. Drone footage captured at the scene shows a fairly large hole lying on the completely dry bottom of the tiny pond. The hole appears to be a few feet deep and full of muddy water.

hole 570x428
Lakes and ponds have been known to mysteriously disappear into sinkholes from time to time.

While ponds or other small bodies of water draining into underground sinkholes or unexplored subterranean rivers is nothing new, Patsy Wright is adamant that a larger mystery is afoot. Wright told local news station WSMV that just before she discovered her pond was empty, she saw an unidentified object fall from the sky and crash into its waters:

When I seen them waves go up like it did?! And then they come back down. And I heard the splash. I mean it was a big splash. I know something hit it, because I heard it. I thought, I'm not imagining nothing. It's there.

A report has been filed with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, and Wright plans on contacting the Environmental Protection Agency to see if the case is worthy of their investigation. Last year, a series of mysterious booms rocked the skies just a few hours to the east - mysterious booms which remain unexplained. Could this pond's disappearance be related?

Did a meteorite or piece of space debris fall to Earth and drain Patsy Wright’s pond? Weird things do seem to be falling from or exploding in the sky at a high frequency lately. Perhaps it was another megacryometeor? Until this one is investigated - if it ever is - it will likely remain a mystery.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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