Jan 18, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Putin Sends in Military after Siberians Blame UFO for Mountain Collapse

While investigators in the U.S. are checking into alleged close encounters with Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Putin is checking into close encounters with aliens. Specifically, he ordered the Russian army to investigate the suspicious collapse of a mountain in Siberia (when is the collapse of a mountain NOT serious?) which some people at the site say could only have been caused by a UFO. Just by chance, was the city near the mountain getting ready to hold an election?

“Me and colleague Mikhail were driving a truck with various food supplies for my shops towards Amga and in the general direction of Khabarovsk region. The night was clear. It was the sixth or eighth day of the lunar phase, so the Moon did not rise high and the sky was dark. Seconds before 1.30am the whole sky lit up. We saw a huge green-coloured body with a spectacularly bright and very long tail, falling almost vertically at about an 80 degrees angle. We saw it right in front of us, falling east to south. It all happened within three or four seconds.”

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Eyewitness Alexey Dyundin is convinced what he saw on December 11th was a meteor, saying he knows what a falling rocket part looks like because the area gets a lot of those too. (And you thought pigeon droppings on your windshield were annoying.) Alexey Maslov, head of the Verkhnebureinsky district where the incident occurred, agrees – as any politician who doesn’t want to cause a panic would. However, records show there was no meteorite activity that night, nor is there a crater where the mountain collapsed. The other logical explanation is a landslide, but locals who have seen landslides say this river-blocking mountain of a slide is something else. (Many pictures of the pile here.) What else? The Siberian Times had this to say:

“Meanwhile, a poll of locals asked for views on the cause of the Bureya event. Some 27% said a meteorite crashing to earth, 40% a landslide - and 33% a UFO attack.”

The mountain of dirt that was once a mountain is blocking the river which drives the Bureyskaya hydro power reservoir, so the Russian defense ministry has a good reason as well as a good cover to send in the military, geomorphologists, geologists, hydrologists and land-surveyors to clear the debris and look underneath it for a possible cause.

“Given the significant size of the landslide, units of engineer and railway forces with special equipment, as well as army and transport aviation, will be involved in clearing the rock.”

Unfortunately, local residents won’t be able to see what the army finds because a state of emergency has been declared (of course) and the area is being evacuated because of “potential flooding.” Does Putin suspect something he doesn’t want them to know or see? Why do so many of them think the cause was a UFO? A tourist group from the neighboring Amur region was attempting to drive over the frozen river and inspect the site in the first week of January … there’s no report they arrived, what they found or if they made it out.

If one-third of the people in your town believed a so-called natural disaster was actually caused by a UFO, would our federal government investigate it? if it really was a UFO, would the Russian government share the information with ours? If they did, would our government share it with US?

“… and 33% a UFO attack.”


Paul Seaburn

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