Jan 21, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Strange ‘Alien Sounds’ Heard Throughout U.S. East Coast

For whatever reasons, anomalous noises seem to have become a more frequently reported phenomenon recently. I have to wonder: are they actually occurring more often, or just being reported more often? From the now omnipresent mystery booms to strange hums which plague cities throughout the globe, the world abounds with strange sounds. What is making these anomalous noises, and why do they seem to be on the rise?

The latest spate of mystery noises occurred along the east coast of the US, where residents of four cities in four different states all seemed to have heard a similar terrifying and unexplained noise in recent weeks. While industrial causes are suspected in at least two of the cases, some residents aren’t buying those explanations.

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Plus, major industrial sites are usually off-limits to the public, meaning they're a perfect scapegoat if one was ever needed.

Late last month, residents of the Mid Valley region of Pennsylvania near Scranton heard what were described as “jet engine-like noises” loud enough to wake them up in bed. The noises began around 8:00 am local time and lasted for over an hour. Borough Council President Gerald Crinella said the noises sounded like “fighter jets flying overhead” and was so loud it could be heard indoors. Shortly after new of the incident broke, officials at the Lackawanna Energy Center say the noises were caused by an emergency pressure valve opening unexpectedly, creating “the loudest noise they’ve ever heard come from the plant.”

Two weeks later, a strikingly similar noise was heard much farther to the south near Tampa, Florida. Residents of the Davis Islands heard terrifyingly loud jet engine noises around 4:00 am on January 11. Emergency officials say the noise was caused by the nearby TECO Bayside Power Station, which was venting steam.

On January 17, residents of Salisbury, North Carolina were startled by a “mysterious 'alien' sound” heard throughout the city around 11:00 pm. Cameron Glen told local news affiliate FOX 46 that the noise sounded like a mix between “a locomotive and a space shuttle taking off.” The noise was heard for around five minutes and caused dogs and coyotes to howl. Local officials have reached out to nearby airports and power stations, but so far no one has claimed responsibility.

Normally, there’d be no reason to doubt that power plants would have to occasionally let off incredible amounts of steam. However, the timing and similarities of these three incidents seems a bit too coincidental to me. With reports of mysterious sonic booms on the rise, could these reports of jet engine noises be related? There's no way law enforcement officials would lie to the press about anomalous events, is there?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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