Jan 25, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Video Shows a Possible Bigfoot Sighting in Utah

A new video allegedly showing what many are saying is a Sasquatch on a mountain in Provo, Utah, has proven one thing … if you post a Bigfoot video with a clearly defined residential neighborhood in the foreground, you’re going to attract a LOT of Bigfoot hunters. Beyond that … well, let’s take a look.

The video (you can view the original here) appears to have been taken on January 2, 2019, and uploaded first to Facebook and then to Reddit by Austin M. Craig, a television and video producer in Provo, Utah, who – before anyone starts criticizing a pro for the poor quality – points out that he got it from the Facebook page of a friend of his.

“I'm bugged that he started filming with the video in vertical mode – it degrades the recording quality. Everybody in his comments is telling him to hike up and check out the footprints, but he keeps giving reasons he can't — It's cold, that's a long way up, etc. I might try to get out there today.”

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The proper way to shoot a Bigfoot video

The video clearly shows a dark figure on the hill behind a house. It’s too far away to get anything more than the usual blurred image, so comments about it being “huge” are speculation. However, Austin Craig (many accounts wrongly credit him with taking the original video) was inspired to put his video production talents to work and filmed his own ‘horizontal’ video. He and two partners trudged up the hill with the usual Bigfoot expedition commentary about how hard it was. (You can see their video here.) There was also a comment from someone on the ground about how much smaller they looked than the thing in the Bigfoot video, but again, perspectives are tough to judge and the “hugeness” was speculation.

That video, posted on Craig’s YouTube page, Reddit and elsewhere, inspired members of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization to mount THEIR own follow-up expedition. That 30-minute video (each keeps getting longer – see it here) has more of the usual trudging, huffing and looking. They spot a few large imprints that may or may not have been made by the creature, along with plenty of human footprints of other Bigfoot hunters. The lack of other Bigfoot prints is attributed to the creature being smart enough to step where there was no snow or mud.

While that video, like the one by Craig, had no images of the alleged Bigfoot, it inspired the man who took the first one to reveal himself on their YouTube page. Here’s what alleged Bigfoot witness Brett Stubbs had to say:

“I filmed the original video, and have a higher res version that Facebook didn't compress. I was just in my driveway getting my car jumped. My friend came over to help me jump my car, which was dead because it was so cold that day (high of 21 low of 4). My daughter and I were trying to get to the grocery store before my parents got there (coming in from out of town), my friend was already late for something so I felt bad that he had to come over in the first place, so keeping it filmed was not a huge priority. I'm not a Bigfoot person by any stretch. I wouldn't be too surprised if it exists, considering most sightings seem to be in the mountains, and most large primates live in mountains. I work 60-80 hours a week, and the last thing I have time for is a hoax. Someone could have been trolling us, but there are like 4 houses that would be able to see it, and at 17 degrees, and one hell of a climb, that's a hell of a lot of effort to hope someone sees you. We spotted it on the mountain, and at first I thought someone was hiking up there, which I have never seen, but then I noticed just how HUGE it was, so I pulled out my phone. It's hard to explain, but with my eyes, I could see it much better than with the camera. It was stark with the white snow. At first I was laughing about it, but then as I zoomed in, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We climbed up later that day, but not high enough! We were probably the boot tracks you saw 30 feet lower. After we saw this video we were SO bummed that we didn't go higher!! We just didn't realize the placement was off. Well, my wife did, but I didn't listen to her :)”

It was nice of Brett to clarify his sighting – he’s probably tired of people knocking on his door asking if this is the Bigfoot spot and then criticizing his video. And he makes a couple of good points. Whatever he saw (and however big it was), it had a heck of a climb (as the other videos also pointed out) – one that would be difficult in the frigid cold while wearing or even just carrying a costume. He also reiterates the hugeness he felt he saw, so maybe it wasn’t speculation. On the other hand, although he points out that he had a better “higher res version” of the video, he didn’t provide it to the site.

sasquatch 2730551 640 570x570
You want me to climb wear? Without a hat?

At the end of the day, what do we have? Another blurry and faraway video. Excuses. Lots of dedicated Bigfoot hunters working hard to figure out what happened and/or prove it was/wasn’t a Bigfoot. Speculations. Clarifications. More trips up the same mountain planned.

No definite proof it was a Bigfoot. No definitive proof it was a guy in a costume.

Plenty of people getting some exercise and fresh air. A good story. That’s what it’s all about.

Paul Seaburn

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