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‘On the Trail of Bigfoot’ — A New Series from Small Town Monsters

How much do you know about Bigfoot? How much do you know about the history of Bigfoot, the history of the hunt for Bigfoot, the people involved, the reasons behind their quests, and the successes and frustrations they have and share with their compatriots across the country? To answer these questions, you could read some of the many books on the subject, watch some TV shows, attend one of the many Bigfoot conferences or visit a Bigfoot museum. Or you can spend a few hours with 2017 Cryptozoologist of the Year Seth Breedlove as he takes you on his own personal quest to answer these questions via his soon-to-be-released documentary series, “On the Trail of Bigfoot.” Having done many of the former and watched all of the latter, my recommendation is to hit the trail with Seth.

Seth Breedlove (right) on the trail of Bigfoot

Unlike the previous well-done documentary-length films from his Small Town Monsters production company, “On the Trail of Bigfoot” is a six-part episodic feature that puts Seth Breedlove in front of the camera in addition his other roles as director, writer, camera operator and narrator (not to mention husband of producer Adrienne Breedlove). Beginning with his own initial interest in the subject of Bigfoot as both a curious youth and a local reporter in a small Ohio town, Seth delves into the original folklore and early news reports of a wild man whose tales and descriptions changed many times before becoming the Bigfoot of today’s cable TV fame. After that, Seth jumps into his well-traveled pickup truck and heads to the Pacific Northwest where the largest number of Bigfoot sightings occur.

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Of course they went out at night too

Not surprisingly, the Pacific Northwest also has a large share of Bigfoot researchers, witnesses, hunters and skeptics. For those in the Bigfoot field, there are some familiar faces and many new ones, but all open their research, minds and hearts to Seth’s gentle but thorough questioning. Most of the filming is done outside and Seth’s camera work gives a true sense of the vast expanse of territory in the Pacific Northwest for a creature not wanting to be found to hide.

After the questions about the history and primary stomping grounds of Bigfoot are addressed in the first two 30-minute episodes, Seth takes those hoping to learn about their own home state Sasquatches back to  Ohio to learn more about the Minerva Monster that got him interested in Bigfoot and other monsters. He then heads to Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and a total of 14 different states as he attempts to wrestle with the idea that every state seems to have its own Bigfoot or similar monster.


“On the Trail of Bigfoot” is truly a lesson on the beast – no matter how much you think you know – and also a lesson on quality filmmaking with an incredibly low budget, especially considering the amount of ground Seth covered and the number of people he interviewed and searched with. The official release date is March 29, 2019, and it will be available on DVD, Amazon (split into two movies titled "On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Legend" and "On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Search"), Vimeo OnDemand and VIDI Space.

One thing you can count on with Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters – they never rest on their ever-growing pile of laurels. The team is already raising funds for “On the Trail of UFOs.” Does that little pickup truck fly too? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Paul Seaburn

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