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Police Urge Calm as Fifteenth Mysterious Severed Foot Found in Canada

One of the most macabre and chilling modern mysteries is the strange, unsolved case of the feet which keep washing ashore along the beaches of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada. Starting in 2007, feet began washing up on shores from as far south as Tacoma, Washington to as far north as Jedediah Island, Canada. In nearly every case, a cleanly detached human foot is found inside a shoe or boot. For some reason, sneakers appear to be the most common footwear of these mysterious feet.

Salish Sea 640x427
The Salish Sea is a popular whale watching destination.

The latest case was made public this week after authorities with the British Columbia Coroners Service were unable to identify the foot. The foot was found near Vancouver’s 30th Street beach access and was still in its grey and black size 9.5 Nike Free RN trainer, blue sock and all. Analysis of the foot’s bone structure revealed it to likely belong to a man under 50. This most recent incident makes fifteen mysterious human feet in British Columbia over the past twelve years.

What’s behind this horrific phenomenon? We may never know - although the cause may be less mysterious than is commonly suspected. The British Columbia Coroners Service says the feet are “not linked to "any sort of suspicious circumstance" and are not "cause for panic." After all, people die in the sea or rivers all the time, often as a result of suicide or accidents, and feet are one of the first human body parts to separate during decomposition. When those feet are inside buoyant foam sneakers, they can float and be carried long distances by rivers and ocean currents. Thus, it’s easy to see why so many feet have been found.

severed 570x345
No sir, nothing out of the ordinary at all. Keep shopping and don't mind those severed feet.

However, the proximity of all of these cases and frequency suggests something stranger or more violent may be going on. No other location is known to collect so many severed feet in such a centralized place. What causes so many feet to wash up in this fairly small geographic area, and why have they become more common over the last decade? For now, the Salish Sea human foot discoveries remain a gruesome mystery.

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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