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Possible Ghostly Image Captured In Haunted Jail

Sarah Murphy took a tour of an old haunted jail and when she got back to where she was staying, she noticed a mysterious figure in one of her photos. The Crumlin Road Gaol is the name of the jail in Belfast, Ireland, and it was in the B wing where Sarah captured the unexplained apparition.

“All the tours go down C wing, so I just stood at the gates to B wing and snapped a few photos just in case,” she told Belfast Live. And that’s where she took the picture of what appears to be a man in uniform. “The wing was in darkness, there was nobody down there. But I noticed it when we got back to where we were staying and I had a look through the photos and zoomed in,” she said, adding, “To me it looks like a man in uniform looking down the corridor. You can even see the chin strap of his hat.”

Crumlin Road Gaol 570x427
Inside of the Crumlin Road Gaol

Another unexplained apparition was captured in a photo taken by Carly Foster in 2016 that she believes to be the spirit of a little girl in the doorway of one of the cells. Click here to see the pictures taken by Sarah Murphy and Carly Foster of the mysterious apparitions.

The Crumlin Road Gaol was in operation from 1845 until 1996. It has quite an extensive and dark history with more than 25,000 prisoners calling the Crumlin Road Gaol their home and that included men, women and even children being held there. One example is that in 1858, a 13-year-old boy named Patrick Magee was sentenced to three months in the jail for stealing clothes from a washer woman. However, just a few hours after being put in his cell, he hanged himself.

During its operation, seventeen men were executed and fifteen of those bodies were buried in unmarked graves on the prison grounds. There is, however, a wall that’s located near the graves that has the initials of the men who were executed. And the original noose is still in the Condemned Man area of the prison grounds where the men met their death.

Apparition 570x764
Ghostly figure (not the ones mentioned in this article)

After quite a bit of renovations, it is now opened as a conference center as well as a visitor attraction where people can take guided tours of the prison to learn about its history, as well as the many ghosts that are said to haunt the location.

It’s not surprising that with a history like this, the Crumlin Road Gaol is considered one of Belfast’s most haunted locations. Some of the most active locations for paranormal activity on the property include the Tunnel, Gaol Circle, Hangman’s Cell, and the C-wing, just to name a few.

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