Feb 21, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Possible Yowie Hairs Found Caught on a Fence in Queensland

“The wires had been snapped and twisted like nothing I'd ever seen, whatever did it was huge. We collected some hair hanging from it that smelled very strongly of rotten meat crossed with urine, which I remembered from previous expeditions.”

That sounds like the opening lines of a new horror movie. Better yet, it sounds like someone may have actually found a hair/fur sample from a Yowie – Australia’s Bigfoot. If that’s the case, the Yowie is either a natural blonde or that urine smell is coming from a cryptid way of dying hair. Do blonde Yowie’s have more fun?

"Just the way it walked you could see the human in it. But it wasn't covered in clothes, it was all hair."

David Taylor, who claims he found the hair sample on 2/17/19 stuck on a barbed-wire fence in bushland north of Mackay in Queensland, is no ordinary Yowie hunter. He’s the founder of the Sunshine Coast Yowie Research Group Facebook page (where you can see a picture of the hair sample) and someone who believes he has seen a live Yowie. In November 2018, he took an ABC news crew to the spot near the southeast coastal corner of Queensland where he allegedly encountered one of the legendary creatures in 2010. While looking with a friend for an old railroad tunnel near Dularcha National Park in Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast, he instead saw movement and then heard a growl.

"First step it was almost in the middle of the road, second step it was in the bush, then the third step it was completely gone. Totally vanished, couldn't see nothing. Nothing makes you feel more alive than hearing it growl at you. It's that loud and it rattles every bone in your body. Then you appreciate life. Just the way it walked you could see the human in it. But it wasn't covered in clothes, it was all hair."

Blonde hair? Taylor didn’t say, but he admits running away and returning two days later with members of the Australian Yowie Research group who found a footprint where he thought he saw the Yowie. The hair sample was found while looking for Yowie in Mackay, which is north of Landsborough on the central part of the Sunshine Coast. (You can see photos of the fence, the fur and Taylor here.) Hoping he’s found the missing link of hair, he sent it to a lab for testing.

“I'm sending the fresh sample to be tested on the Sunshine Coast, which will take about 21 days for results. If it's anything like previous times, it will be inconclusive and won't match up to any animals.”

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Dingo tail?

Skeptics say it’s from a non-Yowie animal large enough and strong enough to destroy a barbed-wire fence. What long-haired blonde Australian animal might that be? A dingo? A water buffalo? Some large escaped cat? Taylor doesn’t report seeing any footprints where he found the hair. Is he keeping them a secret until he gets the sample analyzed?

If it’s actually from a big blonde Yowie, do you think they'll really tell him?

Paul Seaburn

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