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Powerful Mystery Booms Continue to Rattle the US without Explanation

What’s going on in America’s skies? Last week, a series of booms rattled the American deep south without explanation. The mystery boom phenomenon continues this week with a trio of unexplained explosion noises which shook people in their homes from Chicago, Illinois to Panama City, Florida. What is behind this phenomenon, and why does it at least seem like it’s being ignored by safety and security agencies?

This week’s mystery booms were spread out throughout the eastern half of the United States, yet they all seemed to occur on the same day. Could they be connected? In Chicago, Illinois, residents reported “loud booming” or popping noises late in the evening of Tuesday, January 29. Some people said the booming was so loud it shook the earth under their feet.

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O'Hare International Airport in Chicago

Our page is inundated with reports of this stuff," says Adam Lucio of Illinois Storm Chasers, "People have been reporting that they've been hearing these loud booms that sound like thunder or a car crash and in many cases, it's scaring them because they aren't sure what it is.” In the Chicago incident, so far the best theory is that the booms were caused by cryoseisms, sometimes called “frost quakes.” These rare geological events are thought to occur when soil or bedrock breaks apart as groundwater freezes, but aren’t well understood.

While the cryoseism theory sounds plausible in icy Chicago, two other booms which occurred on the same day can’t so easily be explained. Farther to the east in Pennsylvania, residents of south Philadelphia were awoken late on the evening of January 29 by a boom loud enough to shake their houses and windows. After Philadelphia police received several reports of explosions, the U.S. Geological Service and the Department of Defense were contacted, but neither agency knows anything about the mystery booms.

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That is, at least publicly.

Meanwhile, houses in Panama City, Florida were shaken on the same day by what was reported as a “loud bang,” although this one was reported in the afternoon. Curiously, some residents even reported feeling pressure changes and unexplained headaches after the noise was heard. Floridians took to social media to speculate about the cause of the bang, with explanations ranging from earthquakes to military activity. Neither the National Weather Service nor nearby Eglin Air Force Base had any information to share, but Bay County Emergency Management services are investigating the incident.

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Why have these booms become so common recently?

With no information from authorities, what are we left with? Three mystery booms in three states all on the same day within twelve hours of each other. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get genuinely creeped out over the frequency of these mystery booms and the total lack of explanation. While no information has been offered up by any official channels, I'm confident that someone or some agency somewhere knows at least something about these mystery booms - something they're not sharing with the public. What’s more terrifying: the thought that clandestine military activity is causing sonic booms around the country, or that some unknown natural force might be behind the phenomenon?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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