Feb 04, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

‘Vampire Killer’ Caught Posing as a Doctor in Russia

Are you one of those people who read the diploma on the wall in your doctor’s waiting room and wonder if it’s real or if it’s a fake to cover up the fact that he was once a blood-drinking vampire wannabe who murdered a high school classmate, drank his blood, spent a decade in a mental hospital for homicidal psychosis and got a job at the hospital by lying that he lost his medical school records and the hospital believed him? OK, maybe it’s just me, but perhaps you’ll do it too after hearing the rest of this true story out of Chelyabinsk that may convince Russians to start taking better care of themselves to avoid doctor visits.

“The investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Chelyabinsk Region, a 36-year-old general practitioner at a hospital in the regional center, charged with committing crimes under part 2 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code (storage of narcotic drugs), Part 3 of Article 327 of the Criminal Code ( use of a fake document).


According to the investigators, in November 2018, the defendant, when finding a job in a medical institution, offered the post of a general practitioner with a false certificate of higher education. In the course of the search in the apartment of the accused, a large narcotic substance was discovered.


In 2000, after committing a particularly grave crime, the court imposed medical measures on a man.


The court, at the request of the investigator of the Investigation Committee of the SC, chose a preventive measure in the form of detention. Investigation of the criminal case continues.”

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Chelyabinsk Region released that report this week on the arrest and detention of Boris Kondrashin for posing a medical school graduate in order to get a job as a primary care doctor who counseled patients not to drink or smoke and telling them about the benefits of exercise. Was he truly concerned or did he just want them to taste better?

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How's your blood?

“According to a report, Kondrashin lured his classmate to his apartment and killed him with a lethal dose of a tranquilizer drug. He then dismembered his victim, sampled his liver, and ultimately tore out his heart. He then squeezed the blood out of the organ and drank it from a silver goblet. The “vampire” also tore out his classmate’s eyes and severed his hands, keeping them in formalin as proof of his deal with demons.”

And that’s one of the tamer descriptions of the 1998 crime of the 16-year-old who called himself “Baron von Ginzel.” (For a grislier version, see the report in Znak.com by the former investigator of the Chelyabinsk city prosecutor, Alexander Filatov, who said, “It was resonant and very unusual, I remember it all my life.”) After the remains were discovered nearby, Krondashin was quickly apprehended and an examination found him insane. Even that had eerie twist.

“The father of the young man died during the investigation. And his death, according to the former investigator, remained very mysterious.”

In 2000, Krondashin was committed to a psychiatric institution where he stayed for over 10 years until he was released under the supervision of a psychotherapist. It appears that nothing unusual happened until 2018 when he managed to fool the hospital and get a job as a doctor (Check out his hospital bio here.) According to one report, a doctor who had worked at the psychiatric hospital recognized Krondashin and reported him. According to an embarrassed Natalya Gorlova, the head of the city's health department, Kondrashin was fired after the hospital did some further checking on his degree certificate and found it to be faked. That, plus the illegal narcotics found by police searching his home, landed him back in jail.

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There were a lot of graduates and they promised to fill in the details later

Yes, it’s a sad tale of a man with severe mental health issues observed by others at his school but not diagnosed and treated until a tragedy occurred. It’s a sad tale of a mental health system that cannot provide sufficient lifelong treatment for people who need it. And it’s the sad tale of a medical health industry so desperate for more doctors that it actually hires them without even checking their backgrounds. How many more “Doctor” Krondashins are there … in Russia or in your own country?

Something to think about the next time you’re killing time in the waiting room.

Paul Seaburn

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