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Very Weird Encounters with Creatures From Beyond the Strange

Within the world of cryptozoology and the paranormal there are very often strange accounts of creatures and entities that cannot be easily explained. They tease us and defy us with their otherworldliness, unable to be rationalized and doomed to wander the domain of speculation, mystery, and myth. Yet even among this world of the weird there are particular cases that stand out as even more bizarre, swirling about in some shadow universe that lies out beyond the anomalies and oddness that we know of. Such cases truly stand out as baffling, describing creatures that seem to have no business being in this reality at all, often spotted only once before disappearing forever, and which seem to defy all attempts to classify. Such cases are the crème de la crème of the weird, and here are some of the weirdest.

Our first oddity comes from Madison County, Illinois, at the city of St. Jacob, where a witness claims to have encountered what can only be described as some sort of gigantic insect. The anonymous witness said on Cryptozoology News that he had been driving along the highway at around 3 AM when something out of this world had lumbered into the ambiance of his headlights. The terrified witness said that he had pumped his brakes at the sight of it, and described it as being a 7-foot-tall stick insect. He describes it as follows:

An object appeared in my headlights on the right side, crossing the highway, looking like a giant walking stick with four legs. Its head turned as it ran and looked at me just before going out of lighted view. It was red wood and moved in approximately one second or less across the whole lighted area of my headlights. When it turned to me, it had no face.

Was this an insect or something else? If it was some sort of insect how could it possibly be so enormous? Drivers seem to come across a lot of weirdness while traversing nighttime roads. In another case, a man from Jefferson City, Missouri claims that in 2012 he had been driving from Colorado to South Dakota when he came across something rather odd in the vicinity of Lusk, Wyoming. As the night flickered by, a creature described as being a cross between a rabbit and a dog, with wavy white fur and measuring around 4 feet long dashed in front of him. The witness says:

I was going from Colorado Springs to Rapid City. It was about 1 a.m. when I came over a small hill on Highway 85 just north of Lusk, Wyoming. As I came over the hill, saw a creature in my headlights that looked like an over sized white rabbit. As I came over the hill at high speed, it was right in front of me in the road. I swerved right, and it hopped left, but I still clipped it. Slammed on the brakes and reversed to look for it, but did not see it anywhere. It looked like a dog-rabbit cross, although its face was more canine that rabbit looking. It had very big dark eyes and big ears. It hopped like a rabbit with its huge hind feet, but much slower.

What in the world was this thing? Continuing road oddities is another case reported to Cryptozoology News by a taxi cab dispatcher named Edgar Zayas, who on the evening June 3, 2018 says one of his drivers had been driving a passenger home and had his bizarre encounter as he had been driving through Elizabethton, Tennessee. He says that this driver had not seen the creature, but that the passenger had witnessed a “kangaroo-like” beast running along on its hind legs, and the report says of the incident:

The female passenger in his cab asked upon passing the spot where the car had swerved if my driver had seen “it”. When he told her he had not, she described the creature as something about 2 feet tall, running at a high rate of speed across the road on only its hind legs, and had the overall body shape of a Kangaroo. She said the creature was running towards the woods. To the best of my knowledge and research, this is the first sighting of anything like this in or around this area of Tennessee. There have, however, been other sightings of other cryptids ranging from the Birdman of Hampton to the Tennessee Wildman, and even several possible Sasquatch sightings, including a possible winged Bigfoot encounter.

A weird report from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) was given by a rather reliable witness, in this case a police officer in the small town of Mercerville, New Jersey. The unidentified officer claimed that he had been off duty and sitting on his back porch when he looked to the sky and saw quite a bizarre sight, in the form of a dark grey, snake-like creature flying through the air on two sets of wings, a “regular one and another set of smaller wings at the end of its body,” and he also mentioned that it had no discernible head. The witness says of the very strange “snake bird,”:

I couldn’t see a beak either. It didn’t have legs or feet. It was about 10 feet long and thin, like a snake. Its wings were very thin and long, and it moved like an eel or snake. It moved through the air like a sea creature would move through the water. I am familiar with anything that moves around us in our natural habitat. This was not any natural earthly flying creature.

So what was it then? An alien, cryptid, or interdimensional interloper? Just a tall tale? Considering no other sightings of the unusual creature were reported we will probably never know. Just about as completely outlandish and utterly surreal as anything we have looked at here so far is a series of reports given to Cryptozoology News involving humanoid entities described as being able to cloak themselves “like the Predator” from the popular science fiction film franchise. Yeah, it’s strange. Let’s take a look.

The first report comes from a woman who says that her and her husband moved to a new home in area in western Pennsylvania in 2000. After getting to know the area, one evening they went out with a spotlight to view deer in the wilderness, taking a series of bumpy isolated dirt roads past farms and rural countryside, the only light that which they cast out from their spotlight. As the light stabbed out into the night, the beam captured something within it, although it was not the deer they were expecting to find. The witness says of what they saw:

As I stared at this shape, I realized that I did not know what I was looking at. I knew it wasn’t a deer. It wasn’t any animal at all! As my brain tried to comprehend what I was looking at it became more clear the longer I stared. What I saw had the shape of a man but it was not a man. It was not see-through as a ghost. The only way I can describe it was that it was like standing water. But it didn’t cast a shadow. It didn’t have any glare to it as the light was on it. It did not reflect the light. It was not gas. As gas does not have a significant shape. Gas will ebb and flow with the breeze or at least have an inconsistent shape. Rather, what I saw had a defined shape. That was the only way I can see it because, it had the shape of a human and I could make that out because of the defined edges and curves. Only because of its outline was I able to make out what I was looking at. When I realized that I was looking at a human shape, I noticed the posture was similar to a person skulking or sneaking. It was hunched over a little and one of its arms were frozen in place in front of it. As though it knew we saw it and it froze its position to try to be undetectable.

For moments that must have seemed like an eternity for the frightened woman, the thing remained motionless, as if it were studying them, before creeping off down a knoll and then it just sort of vanished into thin air. She did not know if the creature had been seen by her husband, and the entire encounter had lasted only a few seconds, but it was enough to send the woman into a state of panic. She warily told her husband about what she had seen, thinking he might make fun of her, but was shocked when he breathlessly told her that he had witnessed the exact same thing. The witness says:

He saw that it was the shape of a man. He saw that it was hunched over as if caught red-handed. He saw that it was cloaked like the predator but it didn’t have a jagged camouflaged look. The thing we saw had a smooth look. It was like standing water without the reflective aspect and its outside shape was smooth, definitive. I do not know what we saw, but I do know it was real! I have been really guarded about this experience and have only told a few people. Because, I know how skeptics are. I am one of them! Yet I cannot refute what we saw. It was real. Nevertheless, whatever it was or is we saw it. There is no doubt in my mind or in my husband’s.


Yes, it was dark. But, the spot light was exceptional with its quality and there was no mistaking what we saw being confused with any shadows, strange light reflections, optical illusions, gas leaks, ghosts or any other possible phenomenon. The cloaking capabilities were of absolute exceptional clarity. It bent the light in such a way that it looked like the surrounding environment without any flaws save for the outline of the man/humanoid being. Aside from the distinctive outline, we would not have been able to detect that anything was there at all. Now, if light affects the cloak in the daylight then more people will have more sightings. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that our spot light defected the cloaking mechanism in such a way that we were able to detect the outline because of it.

Was that what was going on here? Was this entity using some kind of cloaking device? If it were just an isolated incident one could almost think that their minds had been playing tricks on them, but unbelievably there was another report that came in that seems to describe something remarkably similar. In this account, a man in Tulalip, Washington, 47-year-old Gerald Phair, came forward to say that he has on many occasions spotted “invisible humanoids” lurking about on his property, that can only be faintly seen if a spotlight is shone on them or if the angle is just right. He says of one such sighting:

They are in my backyard sometimes. I watch them for hours. I think they know I am watching them and they mess with me later at night. They have a human shape. At first, I thought they were people in camouflage. It is really predator-looking military style. It’s been three months now. One day I counted over 30 of them.

If invisibility cloaked humanoids aren’t strange enough for you, then how about a sighting of a winged humanoid described as looking like an angel? This is what an anonymous witness who identifies himself as a Firefighter/Paramedic told Cryptozoology News says he saw near his home in Sidney, Ohio in July of 1990. The witness claims that he was walking home when he saw the humanoid entity, which was around 8 or 9 feet tall and had an impressive wingspan. The witness describes what happened:

I was walking home facing North in a residential street, approximately one block from my house. It was a very hot afternoon and winds were picking up. I could see my house in the distance. The sky had turned very dark due to a pretty significant thunderstorm. The sky was very dark in the northern part of sky and the blue sky and clouds behind me. It was approximately 1500 hrs. As the winds were picking up something white against the dark sky caught my attention. At first I thought it was a large piece of white paper or sheet.


Then I noticed it was like flapping its wings. It flew from my right to left approximately 400 ft up and maybe 120 yards from me at about 25 degrees from my perspective. It was large and very white. It looked humanoid but taller and muscular. My brain couldn’t reference anything other than what an angel would look like. It had a huge wing span and flapped just like a bird’s wings would. Couldn’t make out smaller details like hair or facial features but had a head, two arms, two legs, and two wings. It was flying from East to West, not with the wind. Leaves and grass were blowing in my direction.

As with all of the other reports we have looked at here we are left without a clear idea of what this being could have possibly been. Was this an actual angel? Was it something crossing over from some other dimension into our own reality? Who knows? In the end we are left with all of these bizarre, one-off cases of very unearthly creatures that defy conventional categorization and have only been seen to a very limited degree, in most cases only once. What does this tell us about these sorts of cases? Does it mean the witnesses are lying or delusional? Was their imagination just playing tricks on them? Did they just misidentify some natural phenomena and their brains just filled in the details of weird monsters? Wherever the answers may lie, countless cases like these flit about on the periphery, out on the very fringes of the strange and paranormal, defying reason and classification to remain the bizarre of the bizarre.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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