Mar 25, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

New Map Shows the Top Cryptids and Mythical Creatures in Each U.S. State

While it hasn’t happened yet, at least one politician in the Pacific Northwest state of Washington – an alleged hotbed of Bigfoot sightings – is pushing for Sasquatch to be named the official State Cryptid, making it the first to carry that title in the U.S. Jealous? New Jersey, shouldn’t the Jersey Devil be the first? Michigan – how about the Dogman? West Virginia – isn’t Mothman more worthy of this honor? How about the rest of you? New Hampshire – why not replace that tired old slogan with ‘Live Free With a Wood Devil’? Do you even know what your state’s most popular cryptid is? Now there’s help. A new map of the U.S. lists the most famous cryptids and mythical creatures in each state, along with illustrations to help seekers and public relations people identify them for possible official state honors.

00 American Bestiary FULL MAP 570x456

The American Bestiary map and project was commissioned by CashNetUSA and is well-researched and fair -- eliminating clear hoaxes and awarding multi-state cyrptids (Bigfoot, for instance) to the state with the most references. The information on each creature (and ins some cases, aliens) includes links for more details. The artwork is creative, informative and fun. While some are well-known, even outside the paranormal world, the map is giving others some much-deserved attention. For example:

16 Kansas Sink Hole Sam 570x535

"According to the legend there’s a fairly straightforward explanation for Sink Hole Sam, Kansas’s aquatic answer to the exogorth from Star Wars; it’s just a foopengerkle… whatever that is. Locals have speculated that the eel-like creature had been living in a prehistoric underground cavern that had filled with water from a sinkhole. This flooding allowed the creature to finally escape. Fishermen reported seeing something that was 15 feet in length and as round as an “automobile tire.”"

46 Virginia  Snallygaster 570x535

"Despite having far more terrifying features than any self-respecting monster actually needs, the Snallygaster remains popular three centuries after it was first spotted; it even has a guest role in the Harry Potter universe. Early settlers told tales of a demonic, bird-like creature with a metallic beak filled with teeth. In 1909, locals reported seeing a bird-like monster with; “enormous wings, a long-pointed bill, claws like steel hooks and an eye in the center of its forehead”."

45 Vermont Northfield Pigman 570x535

"What happened to Sam Harris? Sightings of a previously unseen pig-man shortly after the teenager’s disappearance on the Halloween of 1951 conjure just two alternatives: either young Harris transformed into a pigman, or a preexisting pigman ate him. Whatever happened to Sam; years after his disappearance, some high school students reported a monster emerging from the woods. It walked like a man, but was covered in white fur, and had a pig’s face."

24 Mississippi Pascagoula River Aliens 570x535

"The carrot-headed aliens who visited a pair of night-fishermen on the Pascagoula River in a glowing egg-shaped spaceship may just have been symptoms of the witness’s hunger. Or they might have been robots; either way, they’ve not returned, having apparently been satisfied by the experiments they conducted on the two perfectly sober men. The fishermen claimed they heard a “zipping” sound and saw a glowing object hovering above the ground. Then three robot like aliens, that were just over 5 feet tall, exited from the craft."

There’s 46 more stories and illustrations awaiting you at

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