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A Look At The Most Haunted Locations In Johor Bahru, Malaysia

After just four days at her new place of employment, a maid quit her job in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, after claiming that the house she was cleaning was haunted. The 21-year-old maid from Medan, Indonesia, claimed to have seen shadow figures and ghostly apparitions while she was working.

The owners of the house never experienced any paranormal activity and the maid finally confessed that she made up the entire story of alleged ghosts because she didn’t want to work for them. While that mystery has been solved, there are several other locations around Johor Bahru that people truly believe are haunted. Let’s take a look at them.

The New York Hotel is said to be haunted by a girl who committed suicide on the 13th floor. Visitors who have stayed at the hotel have said that the one of the elevators is haunted and it sometimes gets jammed. Darwin’s Elite Basketball team stayed at the hotel during a tournament and one of their players suffered a serious injury during a game, leading some to speculate that the curse from the hotel followed them to the game.

New York Hotel 570x760
New York Hotel

The Villa Nabila Bungalow is considered to be one of the scariest places in Malaysia. In addition to being a creepy house on a hill, it is said that members of a family were murdered there, as well as several locals performing superstitious practices there. Visitors to the location have said that their motorcycles wouldn’t start when they were getting ready to leave.

The Paradigm Mall had been previously abandoned for about 20 years and yes, it’s also considered to be quite haunted. One story is that a family was driving back home when they saw many shoppers at the mall and decided to drop in. After leaving the mall with several shopping bags, they returned home and wanted to show their relatives what they had bought. But to their surprise and horror, the bags were filled with twigs and dried leaves instead of the items they had purchased. To add to the terror, the mall they had just left was abandoned and nobody was inside.

Another story of the location is that after some locals complained about mosquitoes, a man was sent to the abandoned mall to search for stagnant water. While he was inside of the building, he noticed a woman squatting on one of the railings. After closing his eyes and reopening them, the figure had vanished. A short time later, he saw the same female apparition facing a wall in front of him. When he attempted to leave the building, everything went completely black, so he said some prayers and at that point, he heard a woman shrieking.

One night, a taxi driver picked up a woman who got out of the car when he reached the abandoned mall. When the driver noticed that the woman hadn’t paid the fare, he looked out of the car window to call for her to come back and pay but she had vanished.

Paradigm Mall 570x428
Paradigm Mall

In addition to the many haunted places around Johor Bahru, there have also been alleged sightings of Bigfoot. In fact, for several decades throughout the entire state of Johor, many people have claimed to have seen the large creature. Fish farm workers claimed that they saw three of them – two adults and a younger one – on the edge of a forest reserve in the southern part of the state. Another man says he saw a hairy creature, brownish in color, and around four meters (around 13 feet) in height. There were also large footprints found in the Endau Rompin National Park that many believe were made by a Bigfoot.

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