Mar 07, 2019 I Brett Tingley

Former US Senator Harry Reid Says US, China, Russia Are in a ‘UFO Race’

Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader and Nevada Senator Harry Reid is once again in the headlines discussing the US government’s UFO research programs. This time, though, Reid makes the not-so-shocking suggestion that the other global superpowers are just as interested in understanding and identifying anomalous aerial phenomena as America is. Forget the space race: are the superpowers caught up in a UFO race?

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Actual UFO races would make an awesome spectator sport.

“I’ll bet you anything that China is spending some money checking this out. I’ll bet you anything KGB Putin is spending some money checking this out,” Reid recently told legendary investigative journalist George Knapp during an interview for Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS 8. Throughout the interview, Reid seemed to hint that he knows for a fact that the US’ two adversarial frenemies carry out similar studies as the somewhat controversial Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification ProgramWhile we know now that the Pentagon has spent millions studying unidentified aerial phenomena, Reid suggested that there are many elements within the US government who are resistant to studying phenomena which seem to be beyond the bounds of current scientific and investigative methods:

This has been going on for a long time. People do not want—people in responsibility, whether it’s the Pentagon or whatever it might be—they don’t want to have to try to explain something that’s, many times, not explainable.

It's already been disclosed that many politicians or members of the military brass are resistant to studying these phenomena out of the belief that they may be demonic. Still, the fact that we're now aware of these research programs is a start - even if we still lack any "smoking gun" evidence of alien technology or unknown natural forces. When Reid's and Knapp's interview turned towards discussing whether or not there are concrete pieces of physical evidence hidden in hangars or secret research facilities somewhere, Reid remained tight lipped, adding merely that he’s “just heard rumors.” What does Reid know that we don’t?

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Look at that grin. Dude's seen some stuff.

Reid has been quite vocal in recent months in his push for the US government to disclose what it knows about the UFO phenomenon. Can one former senator turn the tide towards full disclosure? Is there anything to disclose in the first place? The fact that the US' closest rivals are now being mentioned in the same conversations as these UFO programs may suggest what I've suspected all along: that the AATIP program was intended to study other nations' aerospace technology, not identify anomalous natural or extraterrestrial phenomena. With so many unexplained events occurring in the skies lately, it sure seems like a new race for air superiority is underway. Is the UFO race merely a cover for a new aerospace race - one the West may be losing?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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