Mar 22, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Possible Athletic Bigfoot Spotted in Argentina

If you’re talking cryptid sightings in Argentina, you generally expect the conversation to be about Chupacabras, although there have been some possible werewolves and flying humanoids reported tangoing around that country over the years. But Bigfoot? Unless it’s a long-lost Nazi experiment, tall hairy uprights aren’t known for being in Buenos Aires, even if they’re lovers of fine steaks and hot dancing. That may no longer be the case, as police have spent the last week combing in and around Quines, a farming town in northern San Luis, for something making huge human-like footprints.

"He described it as a black figure that went towards the mountain, in a calm way. He walked and stopped at times. [The footprints] are similar to those of a human foot but we discard that they are of a person by the great size."

In a series of reports starting on March 14, El Diario de La República has followed this possible Bigfoot sighting. The first was by a dairy farmer who stepped outside to urinate on the night of March 10 and saw what he described to police commissar Marcelo Díaz as a 1.8 meter (5 feet 10 inches) creature of black color that jumped two wire fences like it was in “an Olympiad.”

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Does Argentina need a pole vaulter?

The following day, 10 police officers and five baqueanos (gauchos or cowboys) began searching for the creature in the nearby mountains. They allegedly found the same or similar large tracks but no other evidence. There are no gorillas in South America and none were reported to have escaped from zoos and they’re illegal in circuses or as pets. New World apes and monkeys are too small to fit the description given by the bladder-emptying dairy farmer and other witnesses.

"Undoubtedly sniffs us. Unfortunately our field has a lot of forest, many bushes and ravines. In those places it hides and smells or listens to us. We left the food and watched but never showed up. We are tired and that's why we went back to our houses to rest; A while ago, when I came back, I saw that the food was not there. Nor honey. And I found all his prints. There are more traces, very notorious. It is very clear that he smells us. That's why he came to the decoy when we were not there."

José Gatica, a local land owner, told El Diario de La República he knows something big is out there in Quines, waiting for the right nighttime moments to sneak around. He says the police brought tracking dogs, but they seem to be baffled by the scents. On the other hand, Gatica is annoyed by the comments of disbelievers.

“This is not a joke, it's not a joke. People say nonsense and laugh but we would not mobilize the police or make you spend resources or walk until dawn, tired, without sleep, for a joke.”

By March 18, the Environmental Police had been searching for eight days and found nothing but large human-like footprints. Local veterinarian Jorge Manelli believes they’re from a large human. Locals have stopped referring to the creature as a gorilla or ape or Bigfoot and are now just calling it a “black bulge.” That doesn’t appease witnesses José Gatica and his brother Javier, who demand protection for the families and properties and are pushing for the search for a tall hairy Olympian to continue. No jokes. As of this writing, no pictures have been taken and the creature has not been identified. What did Jose and Javier see? Was it a hoax?

Any American Bigfoot hunters want to take a trip to Argentina? The steaks are great and the dancing is hot.

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You have such big feet for a small man. Are you ...

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