Mar 30, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Still No Explanation for Strange Falling UFO over Alaska

On March 19, 2019, a strange aerial object that appeared to be falling from the sky while emitting some sort of smoke trail was recorded by a man in Anchorage, Alaska. After he submitted it to a local TV news outlet, the video quickly received national and worldwide attention and tons of speculation as to what it might be. Those suggesting a conventional aircraft were stunned when both the US Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration weighed in with official statements saying they had no idea what the object might be, but it definitely didn’t belong to the US military nor any US commercial airlines. After a full week, there is still no answer nor explanation. What was it?

“What is that?”
“I don’t know what that is. I hope it’s not a plane.”
“It’s definitely not sky writing, that’s for damn sure. It’s like something …”
“It’s going straight down. … Now there’s some fire on the end of it. You see it?”
“Uh huh.”
“I’m going to get close. It looks like a plane dropping. I hope not.”

That worried conversation between two people comes from the cellphone video taken by one of the voices – Adonus Baugh, an 18-year-old who was just pulling away from his house with his mother, the other voice in the video, when he saw the anomaly in the sky. They were able to pull over and record it for about 40 seconds. When he turned it over to KTVA, the CBS affiliate in Anchorage, he said at first “I thought it was a meteor or something coming into the atmosphere.” Based on his comments, neither he nor his mother were able to identify it. (Watch the video and see the photos here).

aurora 1185466 640 570x379
There's plenty to see in the Alaskan sky that's strange

After reporting on the sighting, KTVA was contacted by a third witness, Bebe Kang, who took two photographs of the smoking object at about the same time (8:23 pm) and posted them briefly on Facebook with a comment:

“It didn’t look like an airplane or one of those jets. It was big, super slow and RED!! I tried to get a video but it got further and smaller. I really just thought it might be an asteroid”

She later took them down because “I didn’t want people to think I was seeing aliens.”

KTVA contacted Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, a combined Air Force and Army base in Anchorage that is home to F-22 Raptor stealth fighters, C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster III transports, E-3 Sentry AWACS command jets, Alaskan Command (ALCOM), Alaskan NORAD Region (ANR), Joint Task Force-Alaska (JTF-AK), Eleventh Air Force (11 AF), the 673d Air Base Wing, the 3rd Wing, the 176th Wing and other units. If anyone should know what the object in the video is, it should be them. Right?

“That doesn't look like any of our planes.”

Base spokesperson Erin Eaton declined to speculate one what or whose it might be and has issued no further reports. Suspicious? A cover-up? KTVA also contacted Federal Aviation Administration officials, who said the object was not an aircraft and they had no reports of any planes reporting problems on the evening of March 19. Despite the Air Force and FAA denials, Peter Davidson, the director of the Washington-based National UFO Reporting Center, told KTVA it was “a high-altitude jet airliner, with a contrail behind it.”

“It is in level flight, but because it is flying away from the camera, it appears to be ‘falling’. It is not, but parallax makes it look that way.”

“Parallax” is the photographic effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. That could certainly be true and comments on various web sites seem to agree that the object looks more like a plane and contrail illuminated by late-evening reddish sunlight.

countryside 384624 640 570x371
Are any of these from UFOs ... or all of them?

EXCEPT … the Air Force and the FAA have no records of any planes in that particular spot in the Anchorage sky on March 19. Officially, at least. Since the intial report by KTVA, there seems to have been no further official investigations, speculations or conversations. Perhaps they’re afraid that …

“I didn’t want people to think I was seeing aliens.”

What is it?

Paul Seaburn

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