Mar 06, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

The Loch Ness Monster is Back! Two Sightings in Under Five Days

Like the groundhog in the U.S., a sure sign spring is coming soon is the first Loch Ness monster sightings of the year in Scotland. It means the weather is warming up enough for tourists to visit the loch looking for Nessie, and it means either the water is warm enough for the monster to surface or the banks have thawed enough to unfreeze logs and branches and send them floating out to be faux Nessies. In either case, it’s good for Nessie fans and Loch Ness business owners that there are already some 2019 sightings … however, one was made by a repeat spotter whose technique could spell lost revenue for hotels, tour guides and souvenir sellers.

"It's a great feeling you get when you have photographed something out of the ordinary in Loch Ness. Nessie is the dark shape on the surface of Loch Ness on the opposite side of the loch.”

Eoin O’Faodhagain. Besides having the best name for a Nessie hunter, he’s either the smartest or the laziest spotter ever. You may remember his name from April 2018 when the resident of Drumdoit Castlefin, County Donegal, Ireland, captured a video of an alleged Nessie in Urquhart Bay while sitting in Drumdoit Castlefin, County Donegal, Ireland … watching the possible monster on the live video feed from the loch. That time, he was quick enough to hit ‘record’ and submitted a video of the feed to Gary Campbell, the Keeper of the Official Register of Sightings, who excitedly said, “As far as Nessie footage goes this is a feature film.” He was referring to the length not of the unidentifiable floating object but of the video.

tv 3774381 640 570x330
C'mon, Nessie. C'mon, Nessie.

Well, Eoin hasn’t budged from his easy chair and on February 27th, he saw ‘something’ again on the live feed. It only appeared for a few seconds, so he had to settle for a screen capture photo to send to Gary Campbell. (See the photo here.) While he isn’t sure, Eoin was convinced, as he explained in the Daily Record:

“I knew immediately I had spotted Nessie, and not a boat. Boats do not disappear from screen there was no further appearance of an object in that area after 20 minutes of watching.”

Perhaps he also saw Lisa Brennan and her partner Danny (or perhaps logs resembling them), who were driving Urquhart Castle on February 23 when Lisa saw something in the loch and managed to take a photograph (Danny was driving) before it disappeared. (See the photo here.) In her report to Gary Campbell, Lisa said,

“… the dark coloured creature rose about 3 feet out of the water for about 10-15 seconds before disappearing back under the surface.”

Danny didn’t see it then and neither saw the object again when he turned around and made another pass. Being a good partner, Lisa said he told her that “my reaction to what I saw was very convincing."

scotland 2647221 640 570x379
OK, not THAT convincing.

Convinced Lisa and Eoin saw Nessie? Probably not, since their photos are both far away and burry. Still, these two sightings are the second and third of 2019, which would project to 18 for the year and puts it on pace to exceed the record-setting total of 15 sightings in 2018. There’s still no word from the scientific team which has been running DNA tests on Loch Ness water samples for months.

Eoin O’Faodhagain has proven that you don’t have to go to the Loch Ness to be a monster spotter, while Lisa and Danny showed a trip to the loch to look in person could be good for a relationship. Either way, the definitive Loch Ness monster photo is still up for grabs.

Paul Seaburn

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