Apr 26, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Bolivian Rancher Reports 20 UFOs Have Terrified His Cattle

Most stories about UFOs and cattle generally end badly for the cows – death, missing body parts, etc. A cattle rancher in Bolivia says three of his animals have been killed and the rest are alive but terrified – and so is he – after over 20 UFOs paid visits to his ranch and performed aerial operations he feared would be dangerous to his animals. Is he dealing with drone-using cattle rustlers, deadly pranksters, burger-loving space aliens ... or something else?

"Around one in the morning, when we were going to sleep, a UFO appeared behind the truck. My cowboy said, Mr. Freddy is the "drone", as he lit the way like the beacon of a car, I thought it was the people who controlled the alleged drones, but when we saw it was something else, I took the shotgun and gave it to my clerk and told him to shoot it. After the firing the UFO turned away, when I turned around the truck, the object reappeared illuminating all of us."

Rancher Freddy Rodriguez said in a video interview (Google translated) with a reporter from Notivision that his ranch near Ascensión de Guarayos in the Department of Santa Cruz has been bothered by these UFOs for at least six months. (Watch the video here.) He claims the orbs have dropped down low over his cattle – close enough to illuminate them in the darkness. The video shows the bright UFOs appearing singly and in groups, but it’s not clear if they were observed by the reporter. However, Freddie’s ranch hands claim they’ve seen them as well. They can be seen in the video repairing fences which Rodriguez claims were damaged when the terrified animals ran from the UFOs. While they weren’t mutilated, three of his cattle died from injuries due to the stampeding.

“It is invasion of aliens we do not have to communicate with them because it is dangerous, they come to take the resources not renewable, very careful, I do not say it I said the scientist Steve Hawken a week before he died, 2019 they will come to earth and not we have to communicate with them because they can come to enslave us as the Spaniards did in Latin America.”

Rodriguez agrees with the commenters on the sites uploading the videos that these lights are something other than drones. He says he’s observed them flying over his ranch and cattle from dusk until dawn, descending to the ground, hovering directly over the cattle, ascending and maneuvering around all night long – all the while with their bright lights on. No commercial drones have that kind of long-lasting batteries. There there’s the issue of the UFOs that moved away when his cowboys aimed their guns. If these were drones, they would have to be equipped with night vision and be under the control of multiple human operators. Who has that kind of time and patience … especially considering this has been going on for six months?

Local officials say they’ve never seen objects like these hovering, illuminating and then flying away in various directions.

While it’s easy to say these are drones, their behavior suggests otherwise. If commercial drones are becoming this sophisticated and powerful, Freddie Rodriguez, cattle ranchers around the world and the rest of us too are in for some serious problems. And we all know that greedy humans are far more dangerous than space aliens … so far.

“After the firing the UFO turned away, when I turned around the truck, the object reappeared illuminating all of us.”

If they’re not drones … what is terrifying and terrorizing Freddie Rodriguez and his cows?

Paul Seaburn
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