Apr 21, 2019 I Brett Tingley

‘Chupacabra’ Kills 71 Animals and Drains Their Blood in Mexico

It was not a dog; it was something tremendous.

So read the headline in Mexican newspaper El Mexicano this week as farmers in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua reported the discovery of over 70 animals brutally mutilated by an unidentified-yet-eerily-familiar creature. Has el chupacabra claimed another victim - er, 71 victims?

It’s possible. That is, if the chupacabra exists at all. Whatever killed these farm animals, it wasn’t messing around. Local farmer Don Simplicio Martínez says that on the evening of March 28, 20 adult sheep were mutilated and left bloodless without a single drop spilled on the surrounding ground, all while their killer evaded detection.

Chupacabras by IRIRIV 570x533
Never underestimate the goat sucker.


Weeks later, Martínez was horrified to discover that the unidentified creature seemingly returned - this time for his chickens. The beast had to climb up a six-foot-tall (~2m) chicken coop and peel back the metal wire protecting the chickens before gorging itself on the blood of 51 of the hapless little dinosaur relatives. “Either it climbed or it flew,” Martínez told authorities surveying the ruins of his coop. A night watchman posted at Martínez’ farm heard the commotion when the mystery creature was sucking the blood from the terrified chickens, but reportedly decided not to intervene with his machete once he saw how large the predator was.

Local veterinarians apparently believe that a large canine was the likely culprit in these unexplained mutilations, but Martínez isn’t convinced. "The wounds of the sheep are like triangles in the jugular but without blood, with nothing," said Martínez . "It's not a normal animal because I imagine it's a huge animal to remove the blood of 20 sheep, it's a lot of blood."

sheep farmer mysterious creature 640x426
Docile, dead-eyed sheep are common targets of mysterious blood-sucking predators.

In February and March 2019, el chupacabra was blamed first for the brutal murder of a day laborer and later a teenage boy who was found dead after a dance party. Is the infamous goat sucker truly on the loose in Central America, or is this popular element of folklore merely a convenient scapegoat for any unsolved murders of either animals or humans?

Brett Tingley

Brett Tingley is a writer and musician living in the ancient Appalachian mountains.

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