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Claims of FBI Raid by “UFO Truther” Bob Lazar Confirmed, Investigator Says

A series of documents related to an FBI raid involving Bob Lazar, an alleged former employee at the famous Area 51, appear to confirm events which transpired during the filming of a recent documentary about the controversial scientist.

Since the 1990s, Lazar has claimed to have once been employed at a high-security facility at Groom Lake, Nevada, where he observed UFO technologies being developed by the United States. However, past attempts at confirming Lazar’s claims offer little insight about his past employment and education, apart from casting many of his claims in a critical light.

A recent documentary, Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers, directed by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, tells Lazar’s story of alleged government work with flying saucers. While the documentary was being made, Lazar alleged that an FBI raid occurred on his business, United Nuclear Scientific, which some have previously argued could not be proven.

However, new documents reveal that the raid did indeed occur, as Lazar claimed, in addition to shedding light on the reason for the FBI’s interest in Lazar and his business.

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Bob Lazar gained notoriety for claims that he worked for the United States Government on projects aimed at back engineering flying saucers.

Timothy McMillan, a Savannah-based civil rights investigator and former law enforcement officer, obtained the documents through a recent Freedom of Information Act Request, which he later posted at his blog.

Speaking with McMillan recently, he explained that he was interested in seeing if records were available which lent support to claims made by Lazar in Corbell’s documentary.

“In the film, Jeremy depicted an FBI raid that occurred at Lazar’s business, United Nuclear Scientific. In the film it was depicted as a fairly large scale operation, a coordinated effort.

“And it seemed odd,” McMillan adds, “given the timing that for the first time in thirty years, Bob Lazar had sort of reemerged into the public limelight, or was about to with Jeremy’s film.”

“I know Jeremy [Corbell], who I’ve spoken to several times, received a lot of flack from people who felt like that raid was made up… and Jeremy admittedly wasn’t there when that happened, he heard about it from Bob.”

“I realized that very likely there was going to be some documentation from the local police department there in Laingsburg, Michigan. Coming from a police background… I was involved in a lot of different incidents with the federal government, just out of necessity for logistics, or oftentimes familiarity for reliability reasons, once the local police department [became] involved.”

McMillan decided to look for an Agency Assist Report about the raid, which may have been on file with the Laingsburg Police Department. “It’s a report that says an outside authority came in and asked for your assistance.”

“So I fired off a Freedom of Information Act Request to the Lansburg Police Department,” McMillan says. Amazingly, he says they responded to his request within just three business hours.

“At the federal level you can wait months and years,” McMillan said. “There’s a lot more requests, it’s a larger entity. On the local level, sometimes I wait minutes.” 

“The document does confirm the portrayal of an FBI raid at Bob Lazar’s business, United Nuclear Scientific, being a large-scale coordinated effort with two-dozen or more law enforcement agents on site,” McMillan says.

The documents also indicate that the actual reason for the raid, according to McMillan, had to do with the search for an illegal chemical substance, pertaining to an unrelated investigation that involved a homicide where the victim was believed to have been poisoned. Federal authorities also had obtained a warrant to search Lazar’s business, although the documents state that Lazar willfully allowed them to enter for their search.

During an appearance on Larry King’s program (seen in the video below), Bob Lazar, accompanied by director Jeremy Corbell, speculated about the reasons for the FBI raid earlier this year:


McMillan, who posted the documents about the raid on his website, redacted the names of those associated with the unrelated homicide investigation.

“Last thing I want to do is see people be harassed,” McMillan said, also noting that nothing in the documents seemed to indicate there was suspicion of Lazar’s involvement with any crime.  “There’s no evidence that Bob Lazar is, was or at any point was involved in any criminal activity.”

Tim McMillan offers additional details on the incident, which include the files he obtained through FOIA requests at his blog, Chasing the Coyote's Tail.

So while the documents show that the FBI raid did, in fact, occur, we now can confirm that it appears to have had nothing to do Lazar’s ongoing claims about having once worked at the secretive Area 51. While this new information stops short of providing any vindication for Bob Lazar’s more controversial past statements, it will no doubt add to the mystique that Lazar has already maintained now for decades. 

Micah Hanks

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