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Couple Dumps Entire House of Expensive Demon-Possessed Black Furniture

Do you have a chair that makes funny noises? How about a couch where unidentifiable objects mysteriously appear between the cushions? Or a television that shuts on and off with no remote in the area? All of those things can have perfectly normal causes and are no reason to throw the furniture away … unless you want some new stuff. For that, you’ll need a better excuse. How about saying the furniture is possessed by demons? A family in Namibia used that justification to empty their house of its furniture … except they really believed it was possessed. Could that explain the rats running away from the junkyard?

“All black items in our house are demonic.”

Luckily for the family’s black dog, its owner was referring to furniture, according to The Namibian, which reported that an unnamed couple was seen dropping off black sofas, black plastic chairs, a black kitchen cupboard, a flat-screen TV set, cooking utensils and bedroom sheets at a garbage dump in Oshakati, a city of 37,000 in far north Namibia. A concerned security guard called the local police, who arrived in time to prevent the couple from burning what appeared to be brand new household items that the husband said he paid quite a bit of money for — N$17000 ($1188 US) for the couches, N$6000 ($420 US) for the TV and N$3000 ($210 US) for the cupboard. He was in the process of going home to get another black cupboard and a black stove. The police had everything but the TV, which the couple had broken, placed in storage in case they changed their minds about the demons. (Photos of the furniture can be seen here.)

“It does not help to cleanse ourselves and pass on the demons to other people.”

It doesn’t appear the man will be changing his mind anytime soon. His wife said she saw evil things every time she slept on the sofas and could see the number 666 on them. The Namibian’s reporter couldn’t see the number on the fabric but there was a 666666 engraved on a wooden part. It appears the wife was getting ready to throw out all of her black clothing too, although she didn’t say what wearing them made her see.

Was this truly a case of demonic possession of black furniture and clothing or was it an elaborate show to hide a whole-house remodeling? Unfortunately, it’s neither of those. The man admitted his family had changed churches a month ago and his new pastor informed him of the demons. It seems strange the wife had no trouble with sleeping on the sofas or wearing the little black dresses before this. Power of suggestion? Power of religion?

It’s commendable that both the security guard and the local police saved the furnishings rather than taking them home, selling them or letting them be destroyed. Oshana regional police head Ottilie Kashuupulwa has no power to stop unscrupulous (or worse) religious leaders and she’s worried that things could get worse fast.

“The police will not stop people from going to church and seeking the word of God. But, they should know that this time it is property, before you know it, it will be people that they will be getting rid of, and claiming they have demons.”

“Before you know it, it will be people that they will be getting rid of, and claiming they have demons.” Wise words for us all, Ottilie Kashuupulwa.


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