Apr 24, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Reality Star Reveals Sexual Encounter With a Ghost

Here we ‘ghost’ again! Another woman is claiming she’s had sex with a ghost and this time it’s a reality television star with a new twist … she’s transgender. What gender is (or was) the ghost? There’s only one way to find out … talk to Billie Lee, a cast member on “Vanderpump Rules.”

“I fell asleep on the couch, and I woke up to… and I think it was weird because it was kinda in my dream, but I woke up to a ghost f— me, and I had a wet dream. And it was so real and even when I woke up it was continuing. So, it was like this in and out of sleep but like it was this energy and I knew it was a ghost. I couldn’t like, see him. But the energy, the vibration of a ghost was yeah, f— me.”

It will be difficult to keep this article from becoming a reality show itself, which you’ll understand as we proceed, but we’ll try. Billie Lee, for those who don’t know, is a cast member on “Vanderpump Rules,” a spinoff of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” that features RHOBH cast member Lisa Vanderpump, who owns the West Hollywood restaurant SUR where the show is centered. Lee and the other cast members are employees of SUR who obviously want to break into show business and make a lot of money, not sleep with ghosts.

invisible man 3469868 640
Ghost about to score.

““It was so weird. I remember it was the next day, I told my friends, like, ‘Was there something in our weed that we smoked?’ And they are like, ‘No.’ [I said] ‘I think the ghost that’s been in this place f— me last night.’ And they’re like, ‘Okay, what!?!'”

Well, if you want to stand out on a reality show, one way is to claim you’ve had sex with a ghost … especially if you’re transgender. Billie Lee was born male and raised in that gender in a small Indiana town until leaving home and undergoing transition and plastic surgeries. A friend helped her get a job as a hostess at SUR, which got her on the air in the current seventh season.

“It was really weird, and like creepy and I felt like I was being seduced by the ghost. But I liked it — it felt good.”

Believe it or not, this confession didn’t come out on “Vanderpump Rules” but on the podcast Ghosted! which is hosted by Roz Drezfalez, a drag queen comedian, host, writer, and male actress known as “The Bargain Bin Beauty.” (There’s just no way to keep this from becoming a reality show, is there? Wait, there’s more.) Ghosted! is a paranormal podcast for both celebrities and regular people. Perhaps it should book RHOBH cast member Lisa Rinna, who in 2014 revealed this about her house:

“Fact is, I can’t prove it, but I believe there is indeed a female ghost named ‘Karen’ … [who] died in the house back in 1980 … that lives with us. Karen had a 3-year-old daughter when she passed away, so I feel like she really presented herself to us when the girls were just babies. She’s a good ghost. A protective spirit that I’m grateful to share my home and family with.”

Lisa Rinna 2008
Lisa Rinna

Don’t worry, Harry Hamlin … your wife Lisa means “good ghost” in a non-sexual way. Although ... if it's good for the ratings ...

Is having sex with ghosts becoming a trend? In the past few years, we’ve hard about women switching from men to ghosts, marrying and then divorcing the ghost of a pirate, and even another actress in Ukraine who says she prefers ghosts to men because “I guess I’m the kind of girl that enjoys this sort of thing.”

Well, at least now we know from Billie Lee’s experience that ghosts have no gender preference. This could get interesting.

Will the next RHOBH spinoff be the Real Ghost Wives of Beverly Hills?

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