Apr 05, 2019 I Paul Seaburn

Romanian Inventor Demonstrates Real Flying Saucer

The next flying saucer you see may not be a UFO – it could be an ADFIO, especially if you’re currently living in Romania. That’s where an inventor has created a real flying disc with all of the capabilities you would expect in a flying saucer … except for the aliens. He’s built a prototype, won an award and is pitching it to anyone who will listen in the hopes of raising the capital to build a commercial, military or private vehicle soon. Oh … ADFIO stands for All-Directional Flying Object. Is that one hovering above you?

“The Romanian inventor has stated that his device is unique in the world by the fact that it can evolve in any direction with the same aerodynamic characteristics and can fly just as well in subsonic or supersonic regime.”

Romanian engineer Razvan Sabie hasn’t just stated … he’s demonstrated his ADFIO, albeit at subsonic speeds and in a smaller electric platform, to Romanian media. But many of the capabilities are already in the prototype, as can be seen in the new video he’s released. (Watch it here.) The disc is a classic flying saucer shape, looking like two saucers glued top-to-top but tapered to a razor edge for aerodynamics in horizontal flight, which is currently provided by two fans that operate independently and will eventually be replaced with supersonic jet engines. Vertical-takeoff-and-landings and subsonic all-direction maneuvers are provided by surface fans on the top and the bottom. These fans rotate to give the craft a true flying saucer spin and can be retracted, as can the landing gear, to eliminate drag.

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How many does it seat?

“It’s the only one bi-directional airfoil known and functional. The possibility to reach much easier supersonic speeds (for a normal airplane the drag coefficient increases 7-8 times during the transonic flight, respect to maximum two times for this aircraft), combined with the hypermaneuvrability can offer you a picture regarding the potential of this aircraft.”

While the ADFIO could be described as a round wing or two dolphin-tail foils glued together, Sabie points out that the ability to change directions puts it far ahead of today’s triangular flying wings. In addition, the minimal drag during acceleration is expected to reduce or eliminate sonic booms.

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But wait … there’s more!

While not demonstrated in the video, the ADFIO will be able to do all of these maneuvers upside down as well, without the need for separate wings, ailerons, rudders or flaps.

How much and when can I get one?

Ah, there’s the catch. The 1.2-meter (3.9 feet) diameter prototype was built to both demonstrate capabilities and find investors. It’s obviously not ready for supersonic flight and not big enough for pilots, although there’s no doubt an autonomous version will be built. As of now, no dates or prices have been released.

Nonetheless … the All-DIrectional Flying Object is WAY cool.

Paul Seaburn

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